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    Which 300 Coming from 350XCF?

    Just sold my '15 350 XCF-W and got a '17 300 XC-W (Six Days). I ride mostly technical single track, and a few long distance trips (50 to 200 miles / trip) a year. I'm extremely happy with the switch. Like others have mentioned before, my riding skills have improved and I feel a lot more confident to go ahead and attack more difficult (for my level) trails. That confidence comes from riding a lighter, nimbler feeling bike. Now I have the confidence necessary to try and jump over logs and climb steeper, rockier hills that I used to go around on the 350. I'm even doing wheelies on my new bike (only 6 hrs) which I was never able to do on the 350... Simpler motor, simpler and less expensive maintenance. Love it !! Coming from a '15 4 stroke, I recomend moving to the '17 300 XC-W. Best option would be to have both bikes, 4 stroke for long trips... but if you can only have one bike, I strongly recomend the 2 stroke. Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico!