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  1. Thread took off while I was away. Great Stuff! After seeing that Aussie's video climbing rocks I think that may be a bit much for my skill level on the XR.
  2. My 2008 XR has trouble starting and Idling below 12V. This could be your issue especially if you have some aftermarket electronics added on. Smoke out of the oil fill hole?! How much?
  3. Guys, it turns out I do not in fact have stock gearing. The dealer told me lies!! I was doing routine maintenance and noticed the front Sprocket has a 14T on it....rear is a 45T. So I guess that's another bit that's helping me out in the dirt.
  4. Dirt Skills are something I've not had for some time. The XR seems to be bestowing them upon me. She lets me know when I'm doing something right.
  5. The little bikes are fun I have to admit. I work with small motorcycles and get paid pretty well for it. I do love the comments when you're somewhere you're not supposed to be on a big bike :). Cheers B-Bomber
  6. Let us know how the Shinko's Perform in the dirt, I would expect some great handling on pavement.
  7. I would imagine I could have some serious fun on a smaller displacement dirt bike! I purchased the XR to be my Swiss Army bike. Not the richest guy around.
  8. I've thought about changing the Gearing, but I'm an hour away from the really fun Dirt. So Stock seems to work fine. I imagine 13T front would be a blast.
  9. So I've been Riding my recently purchased (February) 2008 XR650L; offroad every chance I get. Long ago I owned and adventured on a KLR and I avoided dirt when I could due to scares. I've encountered every type of terrain and hill climb you can imagine on the XR. I use Stock gearing 15/45 and only a few performance mods, tires - Kenda 270's. I have yet to come across an obstacle that has caused me to lay the bike down. I've jumped down trees, climbed Wet rocks and rutted wet red clay hills, torn through small sandy gravel.... Sure I've had my Clenching moments but why do you guys think people say this bike is too heavy? (I think they lack skill) I love my big red Pig!!! Twisties or Dirt is eats them all with ease.
  10. Modded 2008 XR650L: Dave's 3x3 mod, racing exhaust, bash plate, wider footpegs, 5.0 Gal Tank, and some electric plug-in's for convenience.
  11. I traded for the bike! I am now the owner of a big red pig not sure how to add photo's from my phone I'll attempt from my desktop later.
  12. There are plenty of mods on the bike that I did not mention because I hadn't asked the right questions. There is nothing stock on this thing and it looks really well done (had extra time to stop by and take a look) not enough time to ride it but it's looking like this will be my next bike. The knobbies only have 60% tread left but that's not too concerning. I'll likely do the same as you and have 2 different sets of tires depending on the ride I want that day. Still need to invest in a Stand.
  13. You're absolutely correct on the low headers and muffler. There isn't a bash plate on earth that could protect them as they (headers) are. Here is an XR on some Twisties:
  14. No one's ever accused me of being smart. I do, however, teach people to ride safely on the road (MSF). I've ridden the CB500X on light fire roads and it did surprisingly well in gravel, sand, and mud on road tires!! My KLR used to slide around in stuff like that on knobbies. My favoring the CB may change once I ride the XR. I'll update you guys on the 26th and maybe post some pictures too!
  15. Good info. I do, this is a dealer we're talking about here they tack on about 2K to everything they sell haha! I won't get to test drive it till the 25th but the more I think about it the more appealing the newer 500cc honda is sounding. I doubt there are very many trails that the cb500 with rally raid mods couldn't handle! Then again I've never ridden a XR650L, I imagine it'll be a cross between my old KLR and my XR250R dirt bike from back in the day.