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  1. Wanderfool

    Pro-cycle 790

    Sounds awesome, I'll be the first vote towards you taking a riding video so we can bear witness! There are so few decent ones out there.
  2. Wanderfool

    Standing on the DR650 pegs

    I'm 5'9" and have the same issue; gotta bring the bars up and lower the pegs. Aftermarket pegs are a bit wider and stiffer from what I've seen.
  3. Wanderfool

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    FMF pipe installed, Carb successfully jetted, Acerbis Bashplate added, unnecessary bulk removed, and she's running smooth as can be! Many thanks to Carl from Pro-cycle for helping me figure out how to fix my throttle issues.
  4. Wanderfool

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    I am now having issues with the Dynojet Kit :(. Turns out when I roll on in first gear past 3000 rpms the bike stalls out. Guess I'm running too rich with the 170 main jet.
  5. Wanderfool

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    Very nice!
  6. Wanderfool

    DR650 Acerbis petcock

    Leaving a comment here to follow the thread, I would also like to know. Also, anyone know if you keep the stock tank but switch to a standard gravity feed petcock....do you need a new Vented gas cap?
  7. Wanderfool

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    So much more to do. I took it on a moderately difficult hill climb with some big rocks (mini-boulders) along it. The suspension definitely needs to adjusted/upgraded. But I got up it without dropping it. She's very capable! I'm a frequently working MSF coach (road&dirt), so my technique is decent. I'm no pro-racer though!
  8. Wanderfool

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    Thanks for the advice and warnings, I'll do my best to be cautious.
  9. Wanderfool

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    Hey TT crowd; very happy to announce I've joined the DR family! Absolutely love the bike and have a few questions I've not been able to answer from a quick stroll around the forums via the search function. I also own a 2008 honda XR650L but it has seen it's last days after I split the crank case and unknowingly dumped the oil off-road and seized the engine on the way home...:( SHAME! Anyway, I was curious as to if I could move the front forks from the XR over to the DR. It's aftermarket from Traxxion Dynamics and I'd hate to have to part them out. I have a Jet kit, powercore 4 exhaust, K&N air filter, and Shinko 700's on the way. Looking forward to ripping up the Dirt here in N Georgia!
  10. Wanderfool

    The "XR's are too heavy" Myth.

    Thread took off while I was away. Great Stuff! After seeing that Aussie's video climbing rocks I think that may be a bit much for my skill level on the XR.
  11. Wanderfool

    Xr650l won't idle

    My 2008 XR has trouble starting and Idling below 12V. This could be your issue especially if you have some aftermarket electronics added on. Smoke out of the oil fill hole?! How much?
  12. Wanderfool

    The "XR's are too heavy" Myth.

    Guys, it turns out I do not in fact have stock gearing. The dealer told me lies!! I was doing routine maintenance and noticed the front Sprocket has a 14T on it....rear is a 45T. So I guess that's another bit that's helping me out in the dirt.
  13. Wanderfool

    The "XR's are too heavy" Myth.

    Dirt Skills are something I've not had for some time. The XR seems to be bestowing them upon me. She lets me know when I'm doing something right.
  14. Wanderfool

    The "XR's are too heavy" Myth.

    The little bikes are fun I have to admit. I work with small motorcycles and get paid pretty well for it. I do love the comments when you're somewhere you're not supposed to be on a big bike :). Cheers B-Bomber
  15. Wanderfool

    The "XR's are too heavy" Myth.

    Let us know how the Shinko's Perform in the dirt, I would expect some great handling on pavement.