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  1. DirtLife24

    Knock on 2018 250sx

    So should I just keep riding it? I checked air leaks none that I found. Should I have the dealer look at it for a piece of mind? Just hate to have a new bike an something catastrophic happen. Thank you guys for the reply
  2. DirtLife24

    Knock on 2018 250sx

    Anyone experience a weird knock in the 2017-18 250? It don’t feel right to me an I know the counterbalanced is new to these bikes. So I’m thinking that’s what it is. It’s not consistent the bike has a couple hours an I was thinking maybe it needed breaking in. It hasn’t got any better so wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  3. DirtLife24

    17-18 250sx pipe combo?

    I was wondering the same thing. So I looked it up. Guess a guy named Kelsey makes the head an it's a patented design. Idk what all it involves or where the power gains are but I think if you call him an tell him what you would like he can set you up. Very big in the snowmobile 2 stroke world. An if the price is a little steep he can take your stock head for $125 I believe an do the work to that as well.
  4. DirtLife24

    17-18 250sx pipe combo?

    Mxstate it still looks better than stock. An I live in Orlando an mostly ride trails here but wanna start riding some track an maybe get involved with FTR. Where are you located? An what your jetting at? Haven't got to ride the bike very much since I went to Jacksonville for the MXGP race but did seem rich on the bottom. Now I'm worried I won't get to ride it this weekend because of this hurricane.
  5. DirtLife24

    17-18 250sx pipe combo?

    Looks way better than the stock pipe. Might have to give that one a try
  6. DirtLife24

    17-18 250sx pipe combo?

    Mxstate this what you're looking for? If you need a better picture let me know? An would love to see a pic of your bike as I wanna see what that pipe combo looks like.
  7. DirtLife24

    17-18 250sx pipe combo?

    Rbenard35 you have a photo of the 304? An thanks everyone for the response. I am looking for more over-rev I guess that just my riding style. Use to the ktm four strokes.
  8. DirtLife24

    17-18 250sx pipe combo?

    Just picked up a 2018 250sx an was just wanting to get some feedback on some good pipe combos? Also don't like the look of the long stock silencer. So I would prefer something shorter without losing too end power. Any pics would be much appreciated as well. An definitely happy to be on a 2 stoke again. Amazing bike.
  9. From the stuff I read on here alot of people just use the to tool. Just know adjusting the idle also adjusts the tps. Remap im sure would get better results but for now just use the tool. Most people I think have them in the low 60's. Ride it an adjust it, till you find the sweet spot.
  10. DirtLife24

    2017 map switch on 2016?

    Mog since ik ur pretty informative about things what do the factory teams get done to there magnesium cases? An can the public have it done?
  11. DirtLife24

    2017 map switch on 2016?

    Yeah I figured it would be more than just changing the map switch sine the added traction control an how it retards the timing. I was hoping it was better then the 16 but if it's a gimmick def not worth the hassle. From reviews I was seeing looked more user friendly.
  12. Anyone think you can put the 2017 map switch on the 16 bikes? Don't know how it would work with the added TC. The map switch looks so much better an would love to put it on my 16.
  13. DirtLife24

    2016 ktm 350 whats a good fork height?

    I will check the sag tonight. The guy said the suspension was set up for 185. I'm 215. The spring in the back is suppose to be up from stock so I should be good there. An u say 110 like KTM recommends. I read alot of people run 105 so should I try both? An what did you do set at 110 an mess with high speed compression? Should I stay stock linkage or go pro circuit like some have?
  14. Just got a 2016 ktm 350sxf, its an amazing bike just felt a little twitchy in the handle bars. idk if the forks are to high in the triple clamp. when I measured it was almost 7mm near the second line. I wanted to know what some people think is a good overall balance. like turning an stability. The bike turns really good so I want to keep that with little more stability. Any advice or at least a foot in the right direction would be much appreciated.