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  1. Happy Thanksgiving guys! SO Fired up the B50MX this am... And ALOT of white smoke..... Like a bug fogger.... I thought maybe a wet-sump issue but there's plenty of oil in the frame... Didnt let it run enough to see if the smoke would clear itself out, but no weird noises, just tons of smoke.... Any clues as to what it could be? Thanks! Jeff
  2. Hey guys! So I'm doing my first enduro tomorrow and I'm wondering just how much fuel I would burn in 80miles..... i have a full tank and a 2 gallon can for the fuel stop. Do yalls think that's enough juice for an average enduro? I'm on a 99rm250. C class mediocre rider. thanks for any advice!!!!!
  3. pinky

    No Nitrogen in rear shock

    Thanks guys! I used my mtb shock pump.... There was 50lbs nitrogen in there so I just added 100lb air to it. Can nitrogen and air play nice together???
  4. Hey guys- Stupid question... I have a newly aquired 99RM250 and about to do an enduro this sunday. I'm sure all the Nitrogen in the rear shock has long been evicted, and no time for a recharge- Thinking of filling with clean dry air just for the enduro. Question is, how much air should I put in there? Is this even a good idea? Thanks for your help! Jeff
  5. Hey guys! Does anybody know if a 99rm125 front wheel will fit on a 99RM250? Thanks! Jeff
  6. pinky

    Adding headlight RM125

    Oh! I think I can help out....... Mountain bikers have been using battery powered clamp on lights for years. And they make fairly cheap ones that are super bright, brighter than any standard headlight and run for 3-4 hours per charge. We typically mount one to the helmet fro distance and one to the bars to see ruts and stuff and you have all the light you could ever want. For like a couple hundred bucks.
  7. Hey guys! Looking to fir an 18" rear to my newly aquired 99Rm250. Looking on ebay for an RMX rear wheel and seeing different years other than 99.... Anybody out there know what year wheels would mate up with my 99? I know it's kind of a vague question but just reaching out before I possibly make a wrong purchase. Thanks in advance! Jeff