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  1. There are no extra connectors behind the headlight. The map switch has 4 wires at the connector.
  2. I got my 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F on December 28th and was disappointed when I started reading how the dual map and traction control features were not available on the US bikes. I couldn't understand how the webpage was promoting it even though it was becoming clear that it wasn't available and probably never will be. I recently went back and checked the web page again and it seems that KTM finally changed the US web page. A week or two ago, the US and AU pages were identical, so I saved a copy of the US page. I know it's the US page because the links are US links (not AU). I checked back again because I read that the final drive was 14/50 yet my bike came with a 45 tooth sprocket. This was also changed on the US page. Perhaps it was an error in the first place and they just loaded the wrong file on the US page, or maybe they changed it when they realized they would not pass the EPA, or CARB requirements with the dual ma and larger sprocket. I had heard anecdotally from 2 different KTM dealers that here were issues getting emissions approval for the 2017 500 EXC-F, so I'm inclined to believe that this was a late change. There are 2 unused connectors under my seat and a 3rd with some jumper wires in it. I believe one of the two empty connectors is for the KTM diagnostic tool. The other has a seal over it and is only 2 leads. Anyway, I'm betting/hoping someone will figure this out.