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  1. Looks great! Loving the green as well. I looked all over for those but couldn't find em anywhere, so I figured I'd give the SM guards a go. Mind showing what you did for the brake hose? Also I see you're missing the speedo cable, is it the offroad only model? I plan on putting pictures up tomorrow of my completed brake hose and speedo guides. Edit: nevermind I see your speedo cable is running down with the brake hose
  2. I mainly did it for looks. I think the boots are ugly and impossible to keep clean. I don't mind cleaning the mud off the upper forks after every ride. I rarely even get my bike that muddy, usually street riding or dirt, rarely mud. Anyway I'm happy with how it turned out, tomorrow is gonna warm up so I should get around to putting the finishing touches on it, also may look for some bushings to replace the old smaller ones as everyone seems worried about my bolts backing out
  3. I'm pretty sure they're the same, I have a 2000 S and am helping a buddy build a 2000 E. Haven't noticed any difference in the wheels. And as far as I know over the years they haven't changed either?
  4. Look at the old RMs, also older KTMs, and Yamaha made a big SM early 2000, they all utilized this design. It's not unheard of, that's where I got my idea
  5. Yeah that is the purpose the bushing served, but I have torqued the bolt down to the correct torque and the plastic did compress a bit but not all that much, it still retains it's rigidity
  6. Yeah if you know what to look for you can find really nice used bikes. Mine is a 2000 and I bought it a year ago. Don't know how many owners but it was clean as hell. It's been an amazing bike and I only paid $2200 for it. Had lots of extras on it too. But I've also seen my fair share of crap on Craigslist and such. Just gotta know what to look for. Idk how I feel about buying a used sport bike tho....that's a whole different story
  7. Ah yes, I'm working on making something like that out of some sheet metal or aluminum I have laying around, I hate spending money when I can just make something myself, may not look as good, but it's free
  8. This is just to get me by until I can afford to get some RM inverted forks on it. My bike is a 2000 so it doesn't have the adjustability that came with later models. I would edit the original post to clear up any confusion but TT doesn't give me the option to edit it. Maybe after so many hours you can't edit a post?
  9. Take a look at my most recent post. Don't worry I'm an engineer I take things like that into consideration...
  10. Yeah, I guess my pictures are inaccurate as far as that goes. Originally it was fixed, but when compressing the forks I found what you just stated to be true of course. I'm working in a clamp for the bottom fork and a sliding piece to mount to the fork guard. And it does look way better in person, my garage is tightly packed so I couldn't get a good picture. But the fork boots just weren't cutting it for me look wise, plus they're really hard to keep clean so they're always muddy. And since I plan on converting to SM one day I didn't want the fork boots messing up the SM look.
  11. To each his own, but no the brake hose has no way of going into the path of the spokes or rotor
  12. Good to know for when I buy another bike in the future
  13. Wait, it has a 4 speed tranny??
  14. So possibly if different spacers were used it could work?
  15. You don't think the dust seals will be enough? I figured modern mx bikes don't use anything like that behind their guards so I figured I'd be ok