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  1. How have I never thought of this method.... actually why hasn't anyone else on the internet? I looked all over today not understanding why I couldn't get it to work and I saw many many complicated methods. But this is so simple and brilliant. Thanks!
  2. I will get a vacuum bleeder tomorrow and hopefully that will work
  3. My car is down so I need my bike for transportation right now. I was changing my front brake hose and I spent hours trying to bleed it and get it working again but no matter what I do I can't get any pressure on my brake lever. What am I possibly doing wrong? Could I have some how messed up the MC?
  4. I was under the impression that they aren't street legal? Not that I think I'll ever be questioned about it but just for piece of mind. Also I too thought they were close to $300. I'll have to check those out. Although for $35 and some fab work this eBay headlight might be worth it
  5. Looks great! I always liked the JNS one but not the price tag. Now i might have to get this. Have some pictures of how it's mounted using those brackets? I'll probably fabricate my own
  6. I use my DRZ to commute to class when it's nice out but I also will hop off the road at random locations and every now and then I go on actual bike trails. I use Shinko 700s which are more than the 244s but still not expensive and they've never let me down.
  7. Where'd you get yours? Saw those on eBay but they seem to ship from over seas only. I like that it mounts to the subframe rather than sharing the seat bolt
  8. I've never seen them for sale anywhere either. Lol make me an offer I might say yes
  9. Is this the panaman rack you speak of? I think I've seen them called that but have never known for sure if that's what I have.
  10. Front wheel was out of true from my accident last year and I got a free wheel that was almost 100% true off my buddy so I swapped those wheels out and while I was at it i wrapped the wheel with some black vinyl wrap I had laying around. We'll see how it holds up. Gonna have to do the rear wheel as well when I change the tire
  11. Is this the same Eddie that disappeared with everyone's money?
  12. This isn't my bike it's my buddys bike. I'm alright with the top end and bottom end, but when it comes to valves, I don't have the experience and I don't want to lead him down a road acting like I know what I'm talking about. Now that I really think about it I understand why the cams won't work with the bigger crank. We've decided that we'll put the 434 on a stock crank to save from having to go further into the whole cam/valve issue as well as money. 434 with E cams and FCR39 will be plenty for his first two wheeled bike. Thanks to all for the input
  13. Wasn't planning on porting, also wanted to stick with the fcr39.... originally started as a budget build starting with a $450 blown DRZ400E. Then I found a good deal, $750 for MRD, 424, and +4 crank. Still don't want to spend a crap ton on it but I want it to run good. Doesn't need to be the fastest DRZ out there either
  14. I mean is it a bad thing to run E cams? Or is it just recommended to run better cams to make more hp?
  15. Got a 462 bb + stroker crank. Talking to Myers Racing about getting a valve job. Gonna be going with new Ferrea valves and oem springs at his recommendation. He doesn't think E cams are enough...What do you guys think? 462 + E cams + FCR39?