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  1. Most websites use generic photos on products like that. Most likely the picture shown is not the actual set of plastics you'd get. If you buy plastics from Acerbis for the DRZ they will look just like OEM and fit the same.
  2. Yeah I did it myself when I saw the quote
  3. I got quoted $150 just to have someone true my wheel that had like a half inch of run-out
  4. Lasted a year. Put it on March of last year. Just out the new one on a couple weeks ago.
  5. Shinko 700. Just put my second rear on. Front is still like new.
  6. I'd like to swap my Bonneville SSEi 3800SC engine into a fiero one of these days. Love me a Pontiac
  7. Thanks man! Why not do it without a KLX specific tank? Also what part of Ohio are you in?
  8. Got two of these up top wired to the high beams https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/led-light-pods/10w-mini-aux-2in-modular-led-off-road-work-light/1699/ And this is the light bar I have wired to it's own on/off switch https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/straight-led-light-bars/7-slim-off-road-led-light-bars-12w-1650-lumens/3770/ These three lights along with my Cyclops LED bulb in the headlight are extremely bright. $25 for the light bar and $35 for each of the smaller pods.
  9. Right! Kinda wish I saw more green DRZs....but then mine wouldn't be as unique
  10. Loving this weather!
  11. How have I never thought of this method.... actually why hasn't anyone else on the internet? I looked all over today not understanding why I couldn't get it to work and I saw many many complicated methods. But this is so simple and brilliant. Thanks!
  12. I will get a vacuum bleeder tomorrow and hopefully that will work
  13. My car is down so I need my bike for transportation right now. I was changing my front brake hose and I spent hours trying to bleed it and get it working again but no matter what I do I can't get any pressure on my brake lever. What am I possibly doing wrong? Could I have some how messed up the MC?
  14. I was under the impression that they aren't street legal? Not that I think I'll ever be questioned about it but just for piece of mind. Also I too thought they were close to $300. I'll have to check those out. Although for $35 and some fab work this eBay headlight might be worth it
  15. Looks great! I always liked the JNS one but not the price tag. Now i might have to get this. Have some pictures of how it's mounted using those brackets? I'll probably fabricate my own