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  1. Bm1997

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I love this! I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea for my own personal use? How did you measure that radius on the brake lever side? Looks like you got a perfect fit
  2. I'm kind of ashamed to say...I don't do much offroading.....but I do however do lots of wheelies lol, so at times I think it would be nice to know how fast I'm going with the front wheel off the pavement. I've never cared how fast I'm going off-road tho and the mileage is off anyway (trail tech Vapor reset for some reason) not too important to me tho and I don't plan on selling this bike. Also the speedometer wire gets bunched up (I have an unconventional fork guard) so putting it in the back would eliminate that as well
  3. Ah I completely forgot that was a thing, but I do have a trail tech sensor that might fit in that hole if I remove all the plastic around it
  4. I want to move the wheel speed sensor for my Trail Tech Vapor to the back wheel. While looking at the rear caliper for a place to mount it, I found this hole (looks like a m6 threaded hole) and am now curious what it's for. It's lined up perfectly with the brake rotor bolts so it's almost as if maybe out there somewhere is a wheel speed sensor bolt that screws right into that hole. Anyone know if my theory is correct?
  5. Bm1997

    BSR36 question

    Picked up my CVK40 for $100 plus the Schnitz needle and a new main jet for slightly more than $30. Can probably sell the stock carb on eBay and get some of that money back. Very cost effective way to get the responsiveness you're talking about.
  6. Bm1997

    Question for those running a CVK40

    Mine is off a 03 klr, I can't really tell how you have your cables secured, no bottom nut?
  7. Bm1997

    Question for those running a CVK40

    Thanks guys! I saw that picture before but couldn't find it again, just what I needed, wish me luck as I will try again Sunday when the new cable comes
  8. Bm1997

    Question for those running a CVK40

    I'm sure part of this is due to the worn cable I'm working with (bout to order a new one) but in addition to the fact that it was far from snappy, it wouldn't open the carb all the way up. This is where I'm wondering where do people grind off material and is that really necessary or is there a way around that. You use both cables? Is the throttle still snappy? I ditched the return cable because I couldn't get the throttle to be snappy with both installed (with the stock carb)
  9. I've done lots of research on the CVK40 swap and was feeling pretty comfortable until I tried to set up the throttle cable today (wasn't planning on using a return cable). I don't know why but I've always had a ton of trouble getting the throttle cable just right on this bike. Can anyone show me their setup for the throttle cable with the CVK40? Not really sure whats the best way to route the cable down to the carb or how the mount the cable to the carb itself (seen some people say remove material from the carb bracket and others say they didn't need to). Maybe it would help if I knew how the cable was originally routed from the factory, because in the few years I've owned this bike I've tried many different ways and never seemed to be able to get it just right.
  10. Time Left: 14 days and 10 hours

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    This is off a 2000 DRZ400S. Not sure when they changed the wiring harness but I think (could be wrong) this should fit any DRZ400S from 2000-2004. Has 12k miles on the odometer. Includes speedo cable and indicator panel. No mounting bracket because I reused it for my Trail Tech Vapor. I'll do $110 shipped


    , Ohio - US

  11. Bm1997

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Originally I was going to make an L shaped bracket to mount it to the stock location on the triple clamp, but ended up just combining the stock speedometer bracket and the trail tech bracket. Had to saw off the top of the stock bracket and drill a couple holes. Not the best picture but hopefully you get the idea.
  12. Bm1997

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I keep finding new things to do and more ways to spend money on this bike.... 270mm front rotor Replaced gold Pro Taper CR Highs with black Pro Taper KX Highs And finally 3D printed a piece I made a while ago. It'll mount up my Vapor, USB output, 2 on/off switches, and my ignition.
  13. Bm1997

    Half inch hole suddenly appeared in exhaust

    Ive had my stock pipe sitting in the garage since I put the MRD on it. I'll send it to you if you'd like to pay shipping plus a little bit extra (I'm running low on beer...)
  14. Bm1997

    Crankcase breather replacement

    That's a very intricate design. I kinda dig it tho. Definitely update once you find if it works well or not
  15. Bm1997

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Since it's no longer a DRZ "400", I had to label it correctly