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    Interested in a 2 Stroke with More Low End Acceleration

    Thanks to each of you for your guidance regarding my questions. It really seems as though a YZ250 (or comparable bike) will fit my powerband wants and be a better option to pursue. With this in mind, I have a few additional questions: 1) Is there a notable difference in the suspension setup/configuration on a YZ125 and a YZ250 for heavier riders (e.g. 200lbs.)? 2) When looking for a used 2 stroke, what major things do you look at to make sure that you're hopefully getting a bike in good shape? 3) While doing some additional reading on this topic, the RM250 has also been mentioned as another bike that riders like and has similar powerband characteristics to the YZ250 and KX250. While I know that personal preference ties into which bike people like, for MX track riding, do any of you have any major pros or cons for or against the YZ250, the KX250 or the RM250? Thanks!
  2. ​I currently own a stock 2000 YZ125 and ride at MX tracks 95% of the time and on trails only about 5% of the time. I know that stock YZ125s don't have much low end acceleration, so I'm looking to upgrade to a different bike. I've read that installing performance aftermarket reeds and a pipe can give YZ125's more low end response. The bike has enough power for me when it's in its powerband, but many times, I can't get into the powerband quickly enough coming out of turns to clear various jumps. As a rider, I'm in my 40s and weigh approximately 200lbs. I also want to stick with a 2-stroke rather than a 4-stroke. With this information in mind, I have a few questions: 1) How much additional low end acceleration does a stock YZ250 have versus a stock (or upgraded) YZ125? 2) How much additional low end acceleration can you get out of a YZ125 with aftermarket upgrades? 3) Which aftermarket upgrades are most important to add additional low end acceleration? 4) As I'm not a Yamaha die-hard (although I really like my YZ125) what bike (years, make and model) would you recommend for me to get more low end from (looking to spend approximately $3K). Thanks!