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  1. Thank you. Started the bike up yesterday and the light shut off. Had a feeling is was a voltage issue due to getting the bike with a dead battery
  2. That would be awesome and I would greatly appreciate that!
  3. Per an email from Tim Pilg @ Beta they only come with the euro bikes not for US bikes
  4. Yeah 10th is an H
  5. Nope they didn't give me that in the tool kit
  6. Assuming MY is model year? I didn't get an OBD adapter
  7. Where is the plug located at?
  8. Got any suggestions on where to start?
  9. So I just bought a 500 today. Started it up at the dealer and the F1 light was on. Didn't think anything of it and didn't know better. Got home read the manual and found out that if the F1 light is on to take it to a dealer. Any way, the dealer is a bit of a drive for me, so I'm curious if anyone has any tips to check and correct the issue before I make the hour plus drive back to the dealer less than 24hrs into owning this thing thanks !