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  1. I’m back to update on the Dr project and see if anyone has any answers to an issue I’ve noticed. So I got it running, got a used head and fresh gaskets. But I ended up pulling the valve cover off cause I did a poor job of sealing it with three bond and I noticed the exhaust tappet/cam lobe is slightly scratched/discolored. This is probably a Stupid question because I’m pretty sure it came from oil starvation because the oil level dropped to about half on the dipstick due to a oil hose tearing from the pressure I think but I was thinking it could be something else too since everyone talks about the dr’s having a head prone to oil starvation. I cleaned up the marks you could feel with some 800 grit wet sanding with 10w30 and it cleaned up ok so I’m not too worried.
  2. So I’m new to the DR’s i finally got mine running as I got it blown up with a ruined head. Now I have a few questions before I finish buttoning up the Engine. Firstly the shift drum bolt that comes loose, Can I remove it and reinstall it without having the shift drum parts fall out of alignment or something along the lines of that? Secondly I’ve read on a few forums that the head is prone to oil starvation but that if you regularly check your oil your fine is that true or do I need to mod my head somehow? Thirdly is there anything else I need to know about these DRs that is prone to issues? I know about the pin and I ended up jb welding the hole after seeing someone else do that and it held up so that’s covered. Thanks in advance for any help! Y’all have been extremely helpful with my issues before.
  3. So I believe it was my air filter
  4. Just checked the reeds they look like they’re seating fine. I don’t know what my float level is cause I’ve never checked it before so I’ll definitely look into that. After going through the carb and reeds I took the air box cover off and the k&n filter was so filthy you couldn’t see light through it, didn’t think to check it because my book says to check it every 300 miles to 6 months and I had just put the filter in a couple months ago (facepalm) so maybe the filter was starving it of air ?
  5. Lmao yes choke was off
  6. Ok so I’ve done just about everything I can think of to fix this. My kdx will ride for a bit with no issues then it’ll start sputtering like it’s running out of gas then eventually it’ll stop but during the sputtering it gets worse if I give it wot then it’ll foul the plug. My jetting looks fine after looking at the plug (chocolate brown) and I’ve replaced the coil. I’m leaning towards its a jetting issue because it never did this in the summer. But I wanted opinions
  7. No, The Piston is pretty mangled but i think its the stock bore. Im gonna try to get a hone and hone the bore out hopefully it works. Still searching for a decently priced head..
  8. JS1 DK41A 3 T 2 100204 Do you think a ball hone would clean the rust??
  9. Hello I recently got a DR 350 not completely sure of the year but I’m sure it needs a head (old one dropped a valve) any ideas on how to clean up the bore and if anyone has a spare head sitting around?
  10. I don’t even know where to start with this issue so here it is. My kdx has been doing this funny thing where it starts to sputter like a fouled plug or as if it running out of gas and if i let off the throttle it dies but if i keep it pinned it catches itself eventually. The funny part about it is it when it happens it doesn’t keep doing it after it happens it rides the rest if the day fine. I recently spilt the cases and replaced seals and crank bearings with 0 leaks and it has max advanced timing but no pinging or detonation. Im going to try to set the timing to stock but i do think it was the issue because it just started doing this when it got cold here.
  11. I made a novice mistake of not checking to make sure my RH crank seal was completely seated before putting the main bearing in.... if I press the bearing out only way to do this is on the inner race it should be fine right? I know if i hammer it out that will ruin it but pressing it out with the case heated a bit shouldn’t put too much pressure on it... opinions or advice is much needed
  12. So i took my flywheel off because of other mechanical issues and it appears the magnets in my flywheel are being to fall apart/chip away. Would it be possible to rebuild the flywheel with a kit like this?
  13. Yamabond 4 correct?
  14. Whats a good crankcase sealant to use on an air cooled 2 stroke 400 between the two crankcase halves?
  15. Thoughts on using an RM400 expansion chamber for my kdx. I believe its 1-1.5 mm smaller at the part that joins to the head but nothing an oring and exhaust gasket maker cant fix?