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  1. Illuminated onyx

    2001 TM 250 MX

    Does anyone know what Japanese crank interchanges with the stock Tm crank?
  2. Illuminated onyx

    2001 tm 250 my

  3. Illuminated onyx

    Dr 350 parts

    Anyone need any parts off a dr 350? I have a good cylinder head and plenty more. Reasonable offers will be taken
  4. Illuminated onyx

    Stator problems..

    Checked the stator to the manuals instructions and the ohms check out. I’ve now learned that it gets power all the way to the CDI but the CDI box doesn’t discharge the capacitor when the ignition coil is grounded to the frame like it’s supposed to be. I have 2 CDI boxes doing it though so could I really have to bad cdis?
  5. Illuminated onyx

    Stator problems..

    1980 kdx 400, with at 1981 Kx 420 Stator. Bike was running a few days ago but wouldn’t rev out without bogging. Then lost all spark.
  6. Illuminated onyx

    Stator problems..

    Checked ohm readings they checked out. Tried isolating the stator from the the ground by removing it from engine and turning the flywheel with a drill. Same issue. Could it be shorted and still read good ohms?
  7. Illuminated onyx

    Stator problems..

    Assuming this means it’s supposed to ground to the engine/chassis?
  8. Illuminated onyx

    Stator problems..

    Oh I can test ohm readings. I have the clymer manual for the bike. I thought the ohm readings were only for shorts between the two coils and breaks in the windings
  9. Illuminated onyx

    Stator problems..

    How would I test this?
  10. Illuminated onyx

    Stator problems..

    What can cause a stator to not generate power when the ignition coil is hooked up to the ignition system? CDI is fine coil is fine but anytime power makes it to The frame the stator won’t make power. If you touch the power lead from stator to the frame it also prevents stator from making power.
  11. Illuminated onyx

    Kdx 400 no spark

    Alright so I got a Kx stator and rotor and had it machined to fit. The plug is still getting power all the way to the electrode(verified with test light) but it will not spark, seems to be a ground issue I just don’t understand how, the test light lights up when the ground is connected to the head and the high tension lead......
  12. Illuminated onyx

    Kdx 400 no spark

    Well after taking my flywheel off to double check everything, my magnets have actually cracked in multiple places..... so the new question is what’s the chances a Kx 420 stator will work with a kdx 400 CDI? The cases have the same part # and crank ends are the same taper\diameter......
  13. Illuminated onyx

    Kdx 400 no spark

    Yep it was Chinese....
  14. Illuminated onyx

    Kdx 400 no spark

  15. Illuminated onyx

    Kdx 400 no spark

    I can gator clip to one of the head studs and put the test light probe into the boot and it lights up when i turnover the engine. I noticed something funny about my new ignition coil though also. The two poles that stick out on either end that mount to the frame have current running to Them too which seems weird.