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  1. Lukedukem91

    2003 dr650se issues

    Yes it is very operable. Occasionally likes to remind me when I hit a bump on the interstate big enough to make the kickstand jump out of place and shut my bike off haha
  2. Lukedukem91

    2003 dr650se issues

    Haven't checked the plugs but will be doing so in a week or so. Replacing crankcase cover gasket. Everything stock except for dynojet carb kit. Issues started maybe couple months after install. I ride almost daily so it led me to believe it didn't have anything to do with jet kit.
  3. So as I have stated in the title I have issues with my dr650. It seems that when I get higher in the rpms in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear (like when I am merging onto the highway or something) it will suddenly seem to loose power for a split second and a loud pop comes out of the tailpipe. Scared the crap out of me a few times. Especially when I'm not expecting it and the power loss lurches my body forward. I'm just curious on how to remedy this situation and if it's due to running lean or rich or possibly having an air leak somewhere that would cause more air to rush in and make it pip like that. Any advice and solutions are welcome