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  1. roost250

    Buy Once, Cry Once?

    Wow I like the pipe guard built in! Separate pipe guards I used would protect the pipe dents but squash the entire pipe back into the frame so the bend restricted and the frame actually dented the pipe not the rocks. I might consider going back to a lowered 2 stroke with that combo Adds weight but it’s down low - I’ll take that over the top weight I carry on a 4 stroke
  2. roost250

    Buy Once, Cry Once?

    Their skid plates last longer than the bikes, and man they slide over anything when you pin it and hang on! Major impact grooves to the side welds with no cracks. Seen a few friends punch a hole in an ignition or clutch cover with smaller plastic guards they way we bash the terrain
  3. roost250

    Buy Once, Cry Once?

  4. roost250

    Buy Once, Cry Once?

    Highly recommend Bomb PROOF - I ran emperor skid plate and rad guards for 300 hours on a lowered Honda - slammed and scraped every rock saved the bike.
  5. roost250

    Stripping paint off frame

    I sprayed gasket remover when I split the cases on my motor and the paint just bubbles off the case total accident but you could try it lol
  6. I tried a 300 Beta Trials bike for the first time last weekend super light and fun but super hard to kick start compression was huge and I was tired quickly standing - My wife has a TTR125 with electric start she loves it total tractor and I’m amazed on the hills she can get up in the single track terrain if dirt not rocky chop
  7. I’m 5’5” started on a KDX 200 it only held me back. Suspension and handling was horrible. Thought all my friends were amazing riders that I would never catch until I bought a new full size bike with proper suspension. Guess what they were all cheating I caught up right away. My bike of choice is a 250F (you pick the brand) Remove the seat cover take a bread knife and cut a thin layer off the top, then trim out another piece 1” below that replace the 1” strip with 3lb foam place the top piece back on the seat cover. Seat looks exactly the same you just lowered an inch when you sit down and it’s comfortable! Next I did a lowering link and slid front tubes up - thought this was good for years but I do not recommend lowering links changes the geometry ended up Leaning over the front end while cornering. (Again held me back) I have recently had my suspension professionally lowered 1” internally front and back. Wow my corner speed has gone way up and the bike can go anywhere. Took me years to figure this out hope it helps you to skip the learning curve with bad suspension.
  8. roost250

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    No idea how long it's been there it's deep in the mountain away from roads rumour is they hauled the massive cable in by helicopter trail is called Friday the 13th leads into Angry man.
  9. That is the next model up - Super sharp picture. I'm going to add the slope percentage nice touch. Thx for sharing Looks like some fun fast riding!
  10. roost250

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    That is approx 70ft cliff on the left someone installed cables with mesh to prevent a fall. Really did not want to see if it would actually hold up if you hit it....
  11. roost250

    I hate FOX Sports

    In BC Only option I found was online $19.95 per month. Not part of the Shaw sports package or pay per channel at all.
  12. roost250

    tires for Alberta trail riding

    Best bang for the buck Bridgestone Front M59 rear X20 buy them from Fortnine in Canada $10 off free shipping when you buy 2 tires. Softer compound will perform way better typical 40 hours use (hour meter motor time) been through 3 sets keep coming back to this combo after trying other higher cost options....my buddies and racers recommend.
  13. roost250

    Which helmet is the best and why?