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  1. No idea how long it's been there it's deep in the mountain away from roads rumour is they hauled the massive cable in by helicopter trail is called Friday the 13th leads into Angry man.
  2. That is the next model up - Super sharp picture. I'm going to add the slope percentage nice touch. Thx for sharing Looks like some fun fast riding!
  3. That is approx 70ft cliff on the left someone installed cables with mesh to prevent a fall. Really did not want to see if it would actually hold up if you hit it....
  4. In BC Only option I found was online $19.95 per month. Not part of the Shaw sports package or pay per channel at all.
  5. Best bang for the buck Bridgestone Front M59 rear X20 buy them from Fortnine in Canada $10 off free shipping when you buy 2 tires. Softer compound will perform way better typical 40 hours use (hour meter motor time) been through 3 sets keep coming back to this combo after trying other higher cost buddies and racers recommend.
  7. I prefer the lightest and use a neck brace. Literally have more cardio from a light helmet that breathes properly. Suomy is the lightest helmet I have ever run helps my neck problems to keep me in the sport. One hit on any helmet is all they are good for safest is to replace them after an impact even a small impact can reduce the helmet effectiveness by more than 30%
  8. WR are often referred to as the "Iron horse" built strong and super reliable not top performance stock. Really have to have bad maintenace practices to have a WR engine problem. Change the oil clean the air filter and don't let the gas sit without stabilizer they will last a long time with simple wear on consumable parts. If you buy it check the valve clearance for piece of mind. Looks like a good find and fit for your size.
  9. WR is super reliable not a lot of snap smooth power delivery, (too mellow for me) they can be hard to start in that date range. They also feel top heavy. Ever consider a CRF250R? I rode a 250 2 stroke for years then made the switch have a 2012 CRF250R fuel injected, weight power ratio provides way more control. I'm actually way faster especially when it gets technical and corner speed. Fuel injected is amazing on this year and bike kicks easy when the bike is maintained properly. I.e. Valve clearance is set right and piston changed regularly super easy start. Those two things are off and you will be kicking
  10. Up to the rider for sure I have a Yamaha follow strict maintenance program and they are bomb proof. Been riding the Yamaha 250 motocross version in the woods for years had over 1000 hours on the motor. Always use an hour meter to track Maitenance I.e how long tires, brakes, drive train last (not the 5 hour ride that has 1 hour run time on the motor)
  11. Can't even buy fox sports from Shaw cable in canada they actually told me to just search for free web links online-I don't even watch anymore Fox sucks