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  1. Thx for the reply woodsryder.I will wait for your ride report.
  2. Mx4God if you want to compare your 230 to a well set up 218 we can arrange a ride up in Namadji or akeley mn. These are the two best single track riding areas in mn.
  3. How did the 200 ktm do in colorado?
  4. 2007 wr 450. I love this bike its deceptively fast in the tight woods.The 218 with the new front end should beat the 450. I was the same speed on both bikes this past summer. The guys I ride with said I was riding the same speed .I was leading. I bought the wr new. Were do you ride?
  5. Buffalo mn . I ride up in akeley mn and nemadji . I also ride a wr 450 yamaha thats been set up for woods riding. This was my first year riding the xr 218. The front end was its drawback . I think that the problem has been solved with Bruce tripplet mod.
  6. No havent posted. this is my first time on any forum
  7. Vortec cpl Terry miller told me about Bruce. I was complaining to Terry about race tech emulaters and he sugested Bruce for the fix. Bruce just did the mod this winter . I drove the bike 75 feet to the curb and was sold on the fix in a 30 second ride .
  8. Mx4God I have a 1990 honda xr 200 r with a Terry Miller 218 stroker . It also has Bruce Tripplet front fork mod and race tech rear end. I live in minnesota and would love to compare bikes. I have interest in doing a 230 bike build as well. I love the mountain dirt biking in the crested butte colorado area.