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  1. Okay yeah, they look good that way. I should be able to keep the existing ones and recut them like you said
  2. Not sure what to look for on the valve seats
  3. There’s some carbon buildup on the valves but they look to be good along with the rocker arms. Seems that my problem lies in the piston and cylinder. I would like to bore it out but can’t find a big bore kit for the model of the bike.
  4. Hi, I’m pretty new to working on motorcycle engines so please excuse my lack of knowledge. I recently got this bike which is an xl250s 1980. It blew white smoke really bad when I got got it and was told it needed new rings. I tore it apart and found the piston to be what looks like as fairly worn. The cylinder looks pretty good but like I said I am no expert. I was curious what your opinions of the state of these things are and what things I will have to replace. Thanks for the help!
  5. The clutch rod snapped on me the other day inside the bike when I was riding after the clutch started slipping. How can I get it out? I tried a strong magnet already. Please help.
  6. I'm looking to change the color of my plastics but can't find any websites with plastics for on 06 te610. I would also be open to painting or putting graphics on if anyone has any good suggestions on that. This is what it looks like now.
  7. Hi, I am trying to bring the life back to my all stock 06 610. What would you start with for power? I've heard exhaust but can't find a good slip on, what else?I would prefer not to do anything with the engine to keep my reliability good
  8. Pretty sure I blew my ignition fuse on my 06. No lights or anything when I turn the key. Can anyone tell me where to find the fuse?
  9. I'm 18 and just got an 06 te610
  10. Okay this may sound like a stupid question but when I reshim my exhaust Valves am I able to just compress the valve down and slide the shim in or is that a no no
  11. Thanks, I'm thinking that's it
  12. Okay thank I will try all this, just ordered the chain
  13. I'm kicking it slowly by the way
  14. Okay with the valve cover off and I kick it it appears to open the Valves and everything but when the cam lobe goes to push over the exhaust valve rocker it stops like it doesn't want to go over it