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  1. Harmless

    2015 YZ250FX Spark Arrestor

    Doesn't come with the drill bit but it doesn't take anything fancy. I just used one out of a cheap variety pack I bought at Lowes and it worked great. Just remember when you drill rivets that you only want to drill the head off and then push the rest of the rivet through the hole. You just don't want to make the whole any bigger than it is.
  2. Harmless

    2015 YZ250FX Spark Arrestor

    So it comes with intstructions for the drill bits to use but you'll drill out the factory rivets and remove the factory end cap and clean out the shavings. When you put the PMB end cap on it has self tapping screws which are real easy and then you just put some sealant around the endcap/muffler seam. I can't remember what I used but I bought it at the auto store. The whole process is very easy and I like that the spark arrestor is easy to remove for cleaning or for personal preference.
  3. Harmless

    Pro Moto Billet Spark Arrestor End Cap

    Easy install. Looks great
  4. Harmless

    2015 YZ250FX Spark Arrestor

    I also have a 2015 YZ250FX and I can tell you that it doesn't come with a spark arrestor. I bought the pro Moto billet one for my bike. It wasn't cheap but it looks cool and it's easy to remove the spark arrestor if you need to.
  5. Harmless

    Unabiker Racing Radiator Guards

    Haven't gone riding with them yet but easy to install.
  6. Harmless

    Cycra Racing Full Armor Skid Plate

    Works great so far
  7. Harmless

    Yamaha YZ250FX 2015

    Love my bike