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  1. Cyclic

    TE250 Dual Sport - help me decide

    I grabbed it was actually a 2010 TE250 with 1500 kms , just installed the power up kit and it runs great. It has never been off road it does however need a fuel pump. Won’t restart when hot , common problem on these.
  2. Cyclic

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Good Minds think a like. My decision was based off weight and ground clearance. The TE weighs 250 and has 1: inches of ground clearance. It does Not ride as smooth as the Honda though but has around 35hp.
  3. Cyclic

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Bought another red friend for my CRF. 2010 Husqvarna TE250 with 1100 kms on it , bought it to ride only off road need to take it easy on the Honda and keep it for longer rides.
  4. Cyclic

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Follow up Vid
  5. Cyclic

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Man what I can't be posting back to back where are your video people!!! Classic dual between WR250R and CRF250L... Spent the day on black diamond gnarly nasty single track (video to come), got back down the mountain and was absolutely gassed. Buddy takes off on me on the last leg back , think I was gonna let him go? Pace picks up a bit into i but i pour it on near the end as I realize he is trying to get back first to the beer. Had to dig into the reserve energy stores to keep up
  6. Difference for us bacon eaters I guess
  7. Cyclic

    TE250 Dual Sport - help me decide

    4000 cdn. It’s a good deal but I just read in 2012 they lowered the TE250. So I am going to pass. I would have to dump money into full protection and new gearing and now to raise the suspension by removing the devices in forks and shock. Mind it would be so for suspension service anyway.
  8. Currently ride a upgraded CRF250L with racetech suspension and exhaust EFI controller. Heavy Bike 300 lbs. I ride a lot of single track and the CRF bottoms everywhere plus is a heavy bike on the technical stuff. I was leaning towards a pure enduro (YZ250FX or KTM) but came across a low hour 2012 TE250 that has been ridden on road only. Question is, will this bike be what I want off road? I would only ride it to the trail area on road. It doesn't seem to have a ton of ground clearance but the reviews say its good off road. Anything to look for on the bike, it has 600 miles on it or 1200 kms.
  9. Just an FYI, my dealer has the 17 model air filter listed at 20$, the previous years is 34$. Same filter but cheaper.
  10. Multiple wipeouts (pretty much every ride), see my ride footage from today.... but my worst was when i separated my shoulder, was off the bike for 4 weeks....took a bad fall on an off camber hill climb and got slammed on my right shoulder. Knees injuries scare me. Was riding with a friend today who brought out his brand new Beta Xtrainer (amazing bike btw i am in love) and he just recovered from 5 weeks off with a knee injury. He went down today, his new bike somehow landed on top of him, he took the brake pedal to his boot, penetrated his boot and compound fractured his foot. Took me 5 minutes to just stop the bleeding. Imagine that...first day back and you are out of action again.
  11. Cyclic

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Crazy day today, my buddy went to the hospital, compound fracture of foot and torn shoulder when his brand new Beta Xtrainer took him out...blood everywhere...got him off the mountain safely...didn't record any of it...then I had a doozy at end of ride.
  12. Mine is 305 done most weight savings possible (lithium battery, removed factory exhaust etc) the weight is felt on single track for sure, I am In decent shape 185 lbs and feel I am cooked after a few hours.
  13. Cyclic

    Vibration rpm related

    Footegs have some paint flaking from impacts, will dig deeper this weekend
  14. Cyclic

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    weekly ride