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  1. EvinM4437

    Yz 125 Clutch problems

    Update- Played with adjustment, no clutch when cold, after 5/10 mins clutch works good
  2. EvinM4437

    Yz 125 Clutch problems

    Even once the bikes warmed up mid ride or after it still won't grab and have very little or no clutch what so ever.
  3. EvinM4437

    Yz 125 Clutch problems

    The pressure plate was actually in good condition no visable wear. Ill try a new clutch cable first
  4. EvinM4437

    Yz 125 Clutch problems

    Would a stretched clutch cable cause this? Shall I buy one and try that first rather then spend big bucks buying a whole new clutch assembly?
  5. EvinM4437

    Yz 125 Clutch problems

    I need some help. Been having my clutch on yz 125 not engaging and won't roll in gear with clutch in, when I start it clutch in and put it in gear it lurches forward and died as if I started it in gear even though the clutch was fully in. I tore it apart and had a luck in side, pulled all the plates and basket off. Plates look fresh not much wear at all, they were not stuck together and had not been dry. The basket itself had some wear but lightly filled it down and got the grooves out without taking too much off causing the plates to be too loose in there. They were still tight and all good. Plates back in the correct order oiled and clean. Needle bearing in correctly. Everything moving and smoothly too. Then put the rest of it all back together without springs being too overly tight so that isn't the problem either. The cover went back over the pin nicely and I re adjusted the clutch, thought it may be wrong so sat and played with it till I had it perfect not too tight not too loose. Put the bike in gear with clutch in still won't roll. Fire her up and before I even let the clutch out the slighest bit it jumps and died. I can't figure this one out for the life of me