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    Ktm exc-f 350 starter-clutch going BOOM

    I can see the design of the starterclutch is changed in 2014 My theory was that the small oil jet in the cover was bloked. So I investigated it and sure enough it was bloked by tiny metalflakes. If that is bloked you dont get enough oil in on the starterclutch, and if thats the case it will eventually heat up and grib some of the time untill it destroyes itself. So if you have ever experienced that the startermotor wont slip, and turns with the motor, check that litle oil jet in the cover. Now my question is, does anyone know if the new design starterclutch and flywheel from 2014 will fit on the 2012 crank it looks like it will fit, but i hope to hear from someone that have done it in real life:) cheers
  2. Jimmibanke

    Ktm exc-f 350 starter-clutch going BOOM

    Sadly I have found many others with exact same problem, but its from years back, so I hope to hear from someone who have fixed this problem:) And of course I do it by the book and with oem parts, I dont think there are other parts than oem parts in this section of the motor:)
  3. Hi I recently bought me a 350, and after only 2 hours of riding i've broken to starter-clutch's. Do any of you know if there have been done any upgrades to this startersystem? Its a excf 350 2012 Cheers Jimmi