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  1. BruddLee

    Clutch not engaging

    Thanks! I planned on rejetting the carb this weekend for my elevation because the guy before me rode in a much higher elevation than I am going to be. I'll adjust the fuel screw when I take the carb off to rejet
  2. BruddLee

    Clutch not engaging

    I feel so dumb for not doing this first.... I changed the oil just now and the problem is gone. Thank you guys for your help! On the other hand I have been having one other problem. The bike idles really low like 1300 to 1400 rpm and so it bogs when I give it any more than a little bit of throttle. I adjusted the idle screw the be higher so that the bike idled around 1800 from what I have researched to be a good RPM for drz's. When I adjust it to idle there and give it throttle it no longer bogs but it hangs at a higher rpm and very slowly falls back to idle. Any suggestions for how to diagnose that? I'm guessing it's the carb needs cleaning. But like he said I am very green. It's not the throttle cable as I just replaced that.
  3. BruddLee

    Clutch not engaging

    What do you mean by perch? I also don't know what a basket is, or a hub. Sorry I'm new to this stuff and trying to learn. And thanks for the tips. I just bought the bike less than a month ago and haven't gotten around to changing the oil. I'll check that first then check the plates if the problem persists.
  4. BruddLee

    Clutch not engaging

    Yeah I know that the throttle cable change shouldn't affect the clutch. I was just giving more information on when the problem started. I adjusted the clutch cable both ways. Tightening it and loosening it. I set it to about the right amount of play as well. I'm thinking maybe I need to replace the clutch cable now because even when I tightened the cable up completely, it still wouldn't engage the clutch completely. Hopefully it's nothing wrong with my actual clutch.
  5. BruddLee

    Clutch not engaging

    I just replaced my throttle cable on my 2000 DRZ400E and after I tried to start the bike up but when I popped it into gear with the clutch pulled, the rear tire spun and it stalled. I tried tightening the little adjustment on the lever assembly but it didn't help. When I try to roll the bike in first gear with the clutch pulled in there's resistance. It doesn't roll freely. So the clutch is engaging a little bit but not enough. I'm not sure if there is another place to adjust the cable to make it engage more? Any suggestions?
  6. BruddLee

    Low miles/hours DRZ400S ticking noise

    More than likely ACCT problem.