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  1. Double_M6

    Post pics of your CR's

  2. Double_M6

    500 EXC-F ground wire issue?

    On the KTM EXC's, the stock placement of the ground strap to the chassis frame is a very poor connection. I just spent 2 hours this past weekend diagnosing why my 2018 450 EXC Six Days would not run just to discover the ground strap was not making a good contact. I too have a Sicass rear fender eliminator kit installed. Since the bolt holding the ground strap is basically held by a screw into the plastic backing, over time especially riding offroad with lots of vibration, this strap will loosen and corrode making the electrical connection weak and intermittent. I simply relocated the strap connection to the center of the aluminum plate there using a self taping screw. I suggest you also sand/clean the strap ring and aluminum plate before securing to make a good clean contact point. Once secured everything is good.
  3. I would like to see other riders bar setup with all the accessories that we often need to mount in a neat , tidy, secure fashion. I am considering a steering stabilizer in the near future. and would like to see how others integrate the GPS, stabilizer, hand guards, mirror mounts, switches, etc. This is my 2013 350 EXC-F with Garmin Montana 600 mounted neatly atop the Renthal fatbar pad with a RAM mount. It is very stable mounted here as it is held firmly by the pad which significantly reduces vibration. But if I add the steering stabilizer, I may have to loose (or modify ) the bar pad.
  4. I have been running 14:50 gearing on my 2013 EXC350-F since new. Works well for single track, as well as open desert and the occasional highway jaunts. Recent 100 mile trip out to Pinenuts NV I had to loop back down 395 for 30 miles or so with little issue maintaining 55-60 mph. Certainly did not want to go any faster setup with Dunlop AT81RC and tubliss system (after airing back up to 15 psi).
  5. Double_M6

    BMW R1200GS Adventure 2009

    Land Yacht.
  6. Double_M6

    BMW R1200GS Adventure (2009)


    Land Yacht.
  7. Double_M6

    Honda CR125R 2001

    all Pro Circuit motor and suspension.
  8. Double_M6

    Honda CR125R (2001)


    all Pro Circuit motor and suspension.
  9. Double_M6

    KTM 350 EXC-F (2013)


    Light and powerful
  10. Double_M6

    KTM 350 EXC-F 2013

    Light and powerful