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  1. Dub A

    Help adjusting shift lever

    Come over here and get it off and I'll hand you my man card. My 3 different 8mm wrenches fit on all of the other 8mm bolts on the bike, but not this one. I don't know a whole lot, but I can turn a wrench.
  2. Dub A

    Help adjusting shift lever

    I just looked for that OEM replacement bolt for when/if I ever get this one off. It lists a 6x22 bolt. Isn't that a 6mm? Mine is definitely not that small. BOLT, FLANGE (6X22) Part# 96001-06022-00 Price: $0.95 $0.86 Qty: 10+ In-Stock
  3. Dub A

    Bolt size on shift lever 2016 CRF450R

    Sorry, 5/16 doesn't fit (I meant that is was similar to the 8mm)
  4. Dub A

    Bolt size on shift lever 2016 CRF450R

    Thanks, I was sure it was 8mm. But I have several and none fit. I'll try a 6 point.
  5. Dub A

    Help adjusting shift lever

    Thank you, I don't know what's going on with mine. Any suggestions? Thoughts?
  6. Dub A

    Help adjusting shift lever

    Very old thread, but is it still 8mm on a 2016? Boxed end of 8mm won't fit over the head. Open end strips. 7mm too small, 9mm to big. 5/16 same as 8mm. 9/32 too small, 11/32 too big. Starting to think maybe it was stripped during manufacturing? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I'm trying to remove the shift lever bolt and having trouble finding the correct size wrench. I don't know if my specific bolt is the problem or if I'm just incredibly stupid. 8mm boxed end won't fit over the head, open end slides and will eventually strip. 9mm is too big on both ends. 5/16 fits, or doesn't fit the same way the 8mm doesn't fit. I'm at a loss here, any help is appreciated.