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    1st complete rebuild...what to look for?

    Thanks! Well I got it all apart last night. Had to wait a couple days for some tools to come.It really wasn't as bad as I thought,actually pretty simple. I went ahead and said screw it and ordered a new top and bottom end. And all new seals and transmission bearings. But yea the inside of the piston skeet says KTM. Didn't know that was a thing. (Pic below) The only problem I'm have now is the initial (1st gear grinding/popping/slipping and catching) the shift forks look a little worn and actually have a groove in the, which the worst one is the one on the 1st gear sprocket on the counter shaft. There a slight wear on the the sprockets dogs and receiving end, BUT COULD this little bit of rounded edge with a little shift fork groove cause that much of a problem while in first gear??
  2. hello! just joined today after many years of just reading. SO long story short I ended up with a 2003 KTM250sx that needs a little more work than expected. Got it off a guy with promises of rainbows and riches with all new parts, after a simple clutch/ slave fix. well I got that fixed ( turned out he had the push rode on the wrong side of the clutch plate so it was pushing into the clutch cover. after getting it running and before the chain braking off i noticed it first gear it would knock and pop and almost felt like the gear was cathing and grabbing then letting go then snapping back in. All other gears seemed to work fine.... time for rebuild. Never done at bottom end work before but figured it cant be too hard.. Several questions if anyone has time. 1) what am I looking for in the trans gears that could be cuasing thos problem. my concern is that I can tear into it and something could be wrong/worn but my untrained eye wont catch it. 2) the piston (brand new per seller) had KTM stamped on it. this made me beleive it is stock from 2003????? or maybe peoepl buy OEM pistons not sure, anyways since I saw this made me wonder if I should just swap the crank out while I have it split ( also promised to be new) I planned on at least bearing and seals. 3) lastly any advice/tricks/ or NEVER EVERS. I already started to tear it down, but dumb me didn/t want to wait for my $15 tool to come in, so tried to ratched strap the out clutch basket to take the flywheel off and snapped off one of the large teeth... nothing like a $150 mistake to "save time" I've looked over several threads and even got a movie to show step by step of how to do the rebuild, but again jsut conerned I won't know what to fix once I crack open the case. Thanks for your time ahead of time. *side note* i wont be that guy that asks qeustions then once I get my answers never respond again.