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  1. I have a 06 kx250f and i want to switch out the hot start lever for a plunger. Does anyone have one to sell?
  2. I have a high compression piston in my bike and want to put a plunger in my hot start and use my hot start lever for a compression release and get rid of the auto release. Any help with a kit to do this or parts I will need?
  3. I just went to the local autoparts store and got a variety of o rings and found a tight one that worked.
  4. Yea I may have figured it out. I still have to try it cold starting but I put a 42 pilot in it and 1 turn out. It has the same performance bit a little easier to hot start. I don't even have to touch the hot start and it fires up 1st or 2nd kick. I also changed the start point of where I am kicking it at. I was starting right at tdc when you feel it right at the hardest point to kick. ( at the highest compression point, before the valve opened) and kicked it. On the stand I could start it but as soon as I took it off the stand I couldn't kick it hard enough. So I tried it right past the compression stroke. When you can hear the piston sucking fuel in, then kicked it and it fires right up on or off the stand. Not sure why mine is this way but just alot of trial and error.
  5. Yea I had it from 1 turn out to 3 and it didn't seem to help much. I have to put it on the stand to even think about starting it. My ankle is killing me this morning from kicking it yesterday. I see on here that they are a bitch to start but I am almost worried about taking it riding and stalling it and not being able to get it started again.
  6. Ok I have the exact setup as the guy on the video 45 pilot, 175 main, and 45 leak jet. It runs great no bog. Takes off like a rocket. Now I fighting to get it started. I had to push start it to try it out.
  7. I have the 45 pilot 8n and the 175 main. I just ordered the 45 leak jet which was not easy to find. I'm not sure if I mentioned or not but I did do the o-ring mod too and it went to instant throttle response. Just waiting on the leak jet and hope it's all I need.
  8. If I'm riding at around 2,500 rpm and crack into it it will bog till the rpms hit about 3,500 then takes off great. But if it's from idle to about 2,000 rpm and crack into it it falls on its face and I have to let off it or it will stall out.
  9. Yes low rpm and hit the throttle. It sputter till the rpms come up them it goes.
  10. Ok so I got a system with it now I know I can start it cold or hot by turning the idle up a half turn and holding the start with the choke on when cold. I have to kick it a few times but it does fire up. Alot easier when it's warmed up without the choke. Idle fuel screw at 2 turns but still has a low end bog.
  11. Ok I will see if it helps. I'm still trying to get a 45 leak jet to help with the lean bog too.
  12. Ok I put a 45 pilot in it and a 175 main with the clip 3rd from top and 2 turns out and it's about the same as yours now. I can start it sometimes but have to turn the idle up.
  13. Ok I will try that
  14. Ok thank you guys. I will have to try that.