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  1. I think this is a great switch, especially with how much power you can pull out of a new 250F. And there is just something so fun about riding a smaller cc bike that you can hold open longer and ride harder. I switch down to a 15 YZ250f for a year back in 15 and it improved my riding technique and speed. So when i got back onto a 450 i was way more aggressive on it especially in corners.
  2. Larry Chirco 259

    Defining moments of 2017

    I agree with you chris on John Gallagher. If this was Nascar or Football they would have been in the trailer with both parties involved handing down penalties. We would find out monday morning why they decided to do what they did, not find out before the team and the athlete. Unprofessional is a understatement, with millions of dollars with sponsors and carrying the spotlight for the manufacture, as a team owner i would be super upset for being blindsided on national television not having the ability to prepare a statement or anything. As for K-Roc it is super sad to see someone weed himself so bad, but with a track that was going away very quickly and riders knowing that it was becoming harder and harder to push did pride and talking get in the way of Kenny backing it down and just being okay with a 2nd or 3rd for the night. You could see it with Dungey he back it way down to make sure he made it to the finish. Along with being super fast you also need to know how to manage a race which i feel is super important to understand. Keep up on the great reporting!