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    2014 WR450F tire size

    Probably going to try out the X30. It seems to be a Decent all-around tire For the type of riding that I will be doing. Thanks for all the advice and input.

    2014 WR450F tire size

    I have been going back-and-forth on which tire I want to go with. What are your thoughts on the Bridgestone Battle cross X30

    2014 WR450F tire size

    Looking at getting a Maxxis Desert-IT rear tire. I'm looking online and only see 120/100-18 for sale. Stock is 120/90-18. I know this is only about a 12 MM difference but i am curious to know if I will have any issues with rubbing or anything else. Pretty new to ridding so any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Sounds good. Thanks for the info
  5. Thanks! You wouldn't happen to have a picture of where this would be located? Like I said I'm fairly new to the dirtbike world and have not worked on them much.
  6. Hey. I'm new to this site and have a question that I have not been able to get and answer on any other forum. the issue I'm having is recently I installed ROX 2 inch pivoting bar raisers, new break and clutch levers and have been having an issue with the bike occasionally stalling when I pull in the clutch all the way. it is in neutral when I pull in the clutch and does not kill every time. could this have effected the clutch kill switch? Or possibly the mail kill switch? This is my first dirt bike and have owned it for about a year so am in now way an experienced bike mechanic. any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.