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  1. What kind of bike were you riding?
  2. Great info! Thanks guys I really appreciate all the help!
  3. So your saying swap my aluminum rear sprocket for steel and buy a new Oring chain? I talked to afew guys and they say definitely put a paddle tire on for dune riding but they ride 450's so couldn't help with what size sprockets to run for the sand.
  4. I was thinking a 48t rear for more top speed in the dunes but again I've only ridden dirt so don't know sand setups at all
  5. I'm buying another rear rim with a paddle to have set up so was looking at just putting the right rear sprocket on that. Stock is 50t, what would you put on the rear of a 250f for sand? More teeth or less?
  6. Hey Guys, I'm looking for some help on what sprockets should be used when riding in the sand dunes. I have a 2012 Kx250F that's almost stock, just a full FMF exhaust. I've never ridden at the dunes before so not sure what sprocket to run on the rear. Both front and rear sprockets are stock size now. Should I just leave it alone? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks