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  1. Rojo did you ever fit the CRF throttle to your XRR? I'm looking into doing this same thing for one I'm building and can't find any answers
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice. I think the conversion can be done with minimal customization, I'll post some pictures when I have it figured out
  3. Hey ScottRNelson, the reason im asking this question is because I have been researching throttles and a while back, circa 2009, there was some posts about the throttle on the XRR and how over time and with wear the throttle gets a little grabby or sticky and someone mentioned that it was do to the housing causing more drag on the cables and said that the 450R housing was a simpler design and didn't have this problem, I just thought that since I'm building this bike from the frame up I'd try to alleviate any of these issues by just changing out the housing from the beginning.
  4. Hey everyone I'm new here. About a year and a half ago I was deployed and decided that I was going to build my very own XR650R. When I finally got home I started buying all the parts and pieces which has taken a while but it is starting to come together. It's an '07 frame with basically a brand new engine (it was pulled off a Johnny Campbell crates bike that was never used) an upgraded Mikuni TM40 carb and an USD front end conversion to an '06 CRF450X. I'm still buying lots of parts but I am looking into throttles right now. I want to get a motion pro Rev2 throttle but it doesn't fit the XRR. The solution is custom cables which I'm not opposed to. My question is "is it possible/ should I use the 450R throttle housing instead of the XRR housing?" Please let me know what you all think