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  1. Well then question becomes.... There is a 02 200 xcw with a rekluse clutch and an 07 250 xcw without a rekluse for sale relatively close to me. Both are near the same price. ... Which one would be better suited?
  2. What's important to me? Hmm. Tough one.. To keep up! ha. I liked the TTR-230 because it was electric start. I could also tractor through things and lug it around. There wasn't much I couldn't make it through. But the brakes and suspension got old real quick. I've rode a WR250 a little, however, I am no where near as good.I wreck a lot. Then, because I have to pick the heavy thing up so much, I get tired and suck worse. The WR was tough, partly because its tall. It feels a little uncomfortable not being able to reach the ground. If I get messed up the least little bit, I'm going down. But the biggest thing is price. I have to get something at a decent price. Betas, the freeride, etc would all be great, but I don't have 5G's or more to shell out. Somewhere around 2k would be great. Also, something that is very important is something I can maneuver very well in tight, technical trails. I'm not a fan of open rodes, etc. I like a little bit of a challenge. However, I don't wanna get my rear end kicked by a bike that doesn't suit me well... so yeah..... its tough be a women in a mans world.
  3. I use to have a cr 125 that I cruised the MX track with. So some experience.
  4. Not nessecarily set on a ktm, but I thought it would be a good option. It seems like they dominate the trail world, and that's what I ride. I just came off of a ttr230. Loved how it tractored up hills and through technical stuff, but the suspension was crap and I hated the drum brakes. I've played on a WR250 a little and they seem decent. Any suggestions?
  5. Cross trainer is not in the budget. And they're hard to find.
  6. Hey guys. I'm in the market for a new bike (when I say new, I mean new to me. I'm a semi poor college kid). Anyways, I was contemplating the 200 xcw/exc or the 250 xcw. I'm 5'5 and 130 lbs. I ride technical trails and would like something that is light, forgiving, and luggable. I'm a little concerned that the 250 would be too much. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm not very knowledgeable in the world of KTMs.