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  1. kh226

    best ktm for a female trail rider?

    Well then question becomes.... There is a 02 200 xcw with a rekluse clutch and an 07 250 xcw without a rekluse for sale relatively close to me. Both are near the same price. ... Which one would be better suited?
  2. kh226

    best ktm for a female trail rider?

    What's important to me? Hmm. Tough one.. To keep up! ha. I liked the TTR-230 because it was electric start. I could also tractor through things and lug it around. There wasn't much I couldn't make it through. But the brakes and suspension got old real quick. I've rode a WR250 a little, however, I am no where near as good.I wreck a lot. Then, because I have to pick the heavy thing up so much, I get tired and suck worse. The WR was tough, partly because its tall. It feels a little uncomfortable not being able to reach the ground. If I get messed up the least little bit, I'm going down. But the biggest thing is price. I have to get something at a decent price. Betas, the freeride, etc would all be great, but I don't have 5G's or more to shell out. Somewhere around 2k would be great. Also, something that is very important is something I can maneuver very well in tight, technical trails. I'm not a fan of open rodes, etc. I like a little bit of a challenge. However, I don't wanna get my rear end kicked by a bike that doesn't suit me well... so yeah..... its tough be a women in a mans world.
  3. kh226

    best ktm for a female trail rider?

    I use to have a cr 125 that I cruised the MX track with. So some experience.
  4. kh226

    best ktm for a female trail rider?

    Not nessecarily set on a ktm, but I thought it would be a good option. It seems like they dominate the trail world, and that's what I ride. I just came off of a ttr230. Loved how it tractored up hills and through technical stuff, but the suspension was crap and I hated the drum brakes. I've played on a WR250 a little and they seem decent. Any suggestions?
  5. kh226

    best ktm for a female trail rider?

    Cross trainer is not in the budget. And they're hard to find.
  6. Hey guys. I'm in the market for a new bike (when I say new, I mean new to me. I'm a semi poor college kid). Anyways, I was contemplating the 200 xcw/exc or the 250 xcw. I'm 5'5 and 130 lbs. I ride technical trails and would like something that is light, forgiving, and luggable. I'm a little concerned that the 250 would be too much. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm not very knowledgeable in the world of KTMs.