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  1. keychange

    Portable fuel for dirt bike

    I use one of these neat little tanks on each side of the seat - gives me 3 litres - nicely balanced and easy to remove
  2. keychange

    No power at full throttle

    Set carb up to standard clip setting using new needle, main and needle jet. I removed the coil and rectifier cleaned and ensured a good earth and replaced plug and cap. I checked inlet valve it was on the tight end .05mm so reset to 0.08mm. Now running slightly lean and slightly better but still with flat top end. Have ordered new coil ... failing that I will have to try a new CDI. One note - I do not have the pumper connected but can't see why that would have any impact.
  3. keychange

    No power at full throttle

    My 91 ( old style model ) XT 250 is driving me insane with carbie issues - I have had the carbie off 30 + times and it is a pain in rear as it requires seat and tank removal each time. Originally it was running too lean so I replaced all jets and needle (supposedly stock) it went like crap so reinstalled originals. I played with float height and needle clips and now I have the opposite problem. Current issue is no power over 50% throttle - went to town purchased new plug installed and then took it up a long steep hill at full throttle - turned of ignition and coasted to a stop. What I note about the plug is that one side of the insulator is still white the other side starting to blacken up. I rode home approx 10 kms and the plug looked leaner but still noticeably black on one side. I marked the plug and checked the soot is happening at about 7 o'clock on the inlet side. I was going to reduce main jet but thought I would post this and get some input
  4. keychange

    Accelerator Pump - 1981 Mikuni carb

    I know this topic is long dead however dmac1's original post regarding the pumper was not resolved and I have exactly the same issue - I cannot in anyway understand how fuel gets into the pumper ...there is no avenue and so the pumper appears to do nothing but get in the way.
  5. Hi I have just become proud owner of an XT250 91 model that I plan to set up for the Australian Scrapheap Adventure charity ride. There are several models available in this year the XT250A and the XT250B . The only difference I can make out from manuals is that one has engine 3MG2 the other is 3MG3. Mine is the former - I need to obtain some parts but really can't find a lot of information on parts compatibility etc. I am also wondering if it is possible to take the output back up to the original 22hp ..or is that a major job. I have check VIN and confirms 1991 but nothing else. Attached is photo from the seller