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    Hey guys I really don’t want to, but I need to sell my beautiful bike. It has no issues at all, only 40 hours. I just don't have the time to ride it and my fiancée doesn't want to see it the basement anymore. It has the factory connection suspension, pr2 mod on the motor, brand new soft acerbis x seat(best money I've spent), aftermarket battery that starts as soon as you hit the start button, and a size large Bell helmet that matches the colors of the bike. I have some other small items that come with the bike; new grips for handlebars, the original manual, fluids, etc. Bike comes with a clean title. This bike runs PERFECT, and more importantly, it's fast. It's faster than my buddies yfz450r that has a power commander, fmf powerbomb, aftermarket filter etc. Its WAY faster than my cousins factory KTM 2017 250 sxf. I just replaced the rear brake pads and about a year ago, it was taken to a powersports shop where they performed the factory recalls and fixed anything it needed. I still have the repair order from when it was there.


  2. Hey guys, thanks to some great advice on this site I bought my first bike, a 2016 KTM 250 SXF. I rode it for the first time Saturday and I have a new love. I brought it home, washed it with mild soap and a hose, hand cleaned anything around electrical wires, checked the fluids and sprayed chain lube on the chain/sprockets. I'm wondering if there is anything else I should have done. I also heard that a good way to clean the air filter is by soaking it in gasoline....sounds kinda crazy. I bought filter oil for it. Thanks guys
  3. Yes I did listen to everyone's advice but I found out that we rarely ride tight single trails so I thought something a little faster would be more appropriate. Also, the dealer I was going to buy from is WAY overpriced I found the 2016 ktm 250sf-x for about the same price.
  4. Hey guys thanks again to everyone. The 08 ktm was overpriced and the dealer is not gonna budge. No thanks! I'm buying a 2016 KTM 250 SF-X used for $4800, 30 hours. Thanks again, happy ridin
  5. Like I said, this bike is gorgeous man. It's gonna be real hard to find something like this in this condition on cal before spring(without having to drive five hours)
  6. Hey thanks everyone for the great advice, this thread is an awesome guide for buying a woods bike. Thanks to everyone's suggestions and some shopping around, I found a local dealer selling an '08 KTM 250XCF-W with 53 hours on it $3900. It's a beautiful bike and I'm gonna take great care of it....while I ride the wheels off
  7. Also I did research Beta before posting to you guys and I think they were the ones that make 300cc bikes. I thought that would be perfect but I haven't seen any used or really any new ones around me in PA.
  8. Doc again thanks man. I'm really taking everything you guys say with me in every step of this decision. SilvFx you're right about moving from this dealer I guess the salesman was just being a salesman. I read your list Doc, what about a 2012 Yamaha WR250R? It's four stroke(like you guys recommend for a humble noob) and it's a couple years older than what I'd like but I really want to buy used from a dealer; no Craigslist.i just don't have the knowledge for that yet plus with a dealer they have to stake their reputations behind a sale, for the most part. The Yamaha has 3100 miles on it. Or maybe a Yamaha YZF-R1? (Just kidding I'm not that noobish)
  9. Thanks again everybody, a lot of great responses. I'm definitely going to stick to ktm or Yamaha and you guys are right about buying my first used, I'm going to do that now. I talked to a dealer today and as far as trail bikes he only has a Suzuki rmz 250 and a Kawasaki kx250f. I guess I'll check out the next dealer. I'm still torn between a 250 and 350. I like the idea of a 350 only because if I spend 5k on a used one it will still be enough power for me five years from now. I'm sure a real nice 250 would be the better choice though. I'm for sure going four stroke no matter what I get. Thanks again everyone, hopefully Saturday I'll post what I bought!
  10. Doc_D wow man thanks. That single post will completely guide what I buy. Thanks a lot man
  11. My cousin(my ridin buddy) is getting rid of his 230 because it doesn't have enough power so I was just worried that a 250 would create the same issue. But maybe that extra 20 cc makes a big difference right? Would a ktm 350 be better than the ktm 300? From this advice I'm leanin to the KTM300 EXC. Thanks for the answers, I trust people on forums more than a salesman
  12. Mlatour I've ridden a lot of four wheelers and a dirt bike maybe five or six times but I have a lot of experience with pretty much anything that has a motor. I can catch onto things very quickly but like I said I've heard that 450's can't really get out of third when deep trail riding Mlatour, I've ridden a lot of four wheelers and a dirt bike maybe five or six times but I have a lot of experience with pretty much anything that has a motor. I can catch onto things very quickly but like I said I've heard that 450's can't really get out of third when deep trail riding
  13. I've heard that the something like a 250 or 300 would be better for trail riding because they shift out of gears better in wood type areas but I'm afraid that because of my size it will quickly become too weak for me. Is a 300 the best bet? I think I'll outgrow a 250 after the first couple months. I've heard a 450 can't really get out of third gear in the woods. whats the best 300 to go with if that's the best size for a trail bike? Thanks for the replies fellas
  14. Whatup?! I'm 6'3" and 180 pounds, I'm about to buy my first dirt bike and price isn't too much of an issue but a bargain would be great! I'm torn between a KTM and Honda. I think 450 is the way to go. I'm strictly going to be doing trail riding in the woods. I'm very athletic so I can handle a bigger bike even though I have limited experience. What's the best trail bike to buy? I want it to last for the next three to five years Thanks guys