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  1. vince.jarnagin

    XR250R motor moved to XR250L frame

    Well, I'm back on the trail again. A couple of weekends ago I went with a friend to http://www.windrockpark.com. Even though I laid it down twice, I had a great time. So this past weekend I was browsing craigslist and found a guy selling a 1991 Honda XR250L (no motor) for $250. He took $200 so I picked it up. It is complete except for the motor. Since I prefer trail and fire road riding versus hill jumping, rock bouncing, etc., I think I want to swap my XR250R motor over to the XR250L frame. After reading a bunch, it appears its an easy swap. But I do have a question... The electrical is obviously different. Can I use the XR250L electrical or will I have to use the elctrical from the XR250R? Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Vince
  2. vince.jarnagin

    Riding again after 30 years

    Thanks for all the help. I look forward to riding again. I'm a little excited.
  3. vince.jarnagin

    Tennessee Riding again after 30 years

    My neighbor has a KTM 300 that he rides on most weekends at some are tracks. He's been beegin me to go riding with him for years. Sooooooo I pulled my 1987 Honda XR250R out of mothballs this past weekend. Well, not entirely mothballed. I may ride it around the farm once, maybe twice a year. Start it up once in awhile and so on. So after 30 years (I'm 52 years old), I've decided to start again. My neighbor was so excited he came by and dropped off new boots, new helmet and goggles as a gift. The bike is in great shape, runs strong, no smoke, etc. The only thing I can see that needs attention is the shock. I've been scouring the internet looking for a new one or a replacement from a new model. I've had little to know luck. I did order some rebuild parts from Rocky Mountain MC but they didn't have everything I need to completely rebuild the shock. Is there a shock out that will fit my bike? It's 15" 1/8 from center of mounting hole at bottom to center of mounting hole at top. I would rather just buy a new shock and be done. Anyone out there have any ideas? Thanks, Vince "Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Satchel Paige