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  1. Natedog11

    1991 XR100R

    So I have this bike and it would run great but there was always a clicking sound in the flywheel, eventually it locked up realized it was the screws missing holding the inner magnets caused a metal piece to bend and lock it up. I took in into this shop I am at as a high school student to fix up the bike I luckily found a flywheel from and 86 fits up to 91. While it was coming in me and some friends took apart the clutch side and checked everything (This was when we were not positive it was just the flywheel). Putting it back togethor hopefully went ok still shifts good and everything. Back to the point also a screw came loose on the stator so i got some new screws to fit, finally got it all back togethor new flywheel, messed with timing a lot and pretty positive its correct, still wont start. Now before all this it started up at my house with the old flywheel for about a minute wanted to die before it locked up. The spark plug shows no spark and just feeling the wires from the stator a very weak signal of electricity. Any help would be great Im thinking something might have busted when it locked up the last time but not sure thats why Im posting it on here. Thanks
  2. Natedog11

    Yz144 gearing

    Yeahh but stunt life BABY
  3. Natedog11

    Yz125 sprockets

    Just wanted to let anyone know reading this I just put on the 14 front on my 144 and left the 48 on back just to try and it was ripping just fine impressively still had bottom end power im still going to try the 49 rear because I bought one but yeah just to let you guys know. [emoji110]?[emoji100]
  4. Natedog11

    Yz144 gearing

    Hi I was wondering the best gearing setup for a 144 I do right trails and jumps a lot but I also to street wheelies and I dont want the gears to be to short. Right now I have stock 13/48 gearing I would like a little more bottom end but want to keep the top end but the gears are pretty short so I heard people were going with 14/49 for a 144 and Im just wondering how much different it will feel. Is it just the same as going down 2 on the rear? Or does changing the front sprocket really feel differend than the front. I understand up in the back better lowend and in the front opposite but any input would help thanks
  5. Natedog11

    Yz125 sprockets

    Yeah well a few reasons like I said responded to the other guy I had my repacking almost gone so I was losing power there and I have messed with my air screw a lot and I still need to get it right in spring because It could be more snappy and I do a lot of trail riding also along with track but I want a black rear sprocket for my build, so I think it wont hurt to try a 49. Thanks for the input
  6. Natedog11

    Yz125 sprockets

    yeah I think i felt like gearing down cuz i felt a little lack of power them after that ride came home to check my muffler and the packing was almost gone I repacked it today and it felt a lot better, I see why i dont need a 50T I mean im a light rider like 130lbs and i can still jump on it and almost have it come up in 5th, I still might want to try a 49, also im doing a build on it this spring/summer and replacing all the plastics and the chain and sprocket were kinda bad so im going with some black maybe 49 tooth rear new chain and prob same front sprocket. Thanks for the input everyone though
  7. Natedog11

    Yz125 sprockets

    Hi I have 01 yz125 big bore (144) with pro circuit exhaust, runs great but thinking about upping the rear sprocket to a 50. I was wondering if its worth it cause I know you lose a little top end is the low end worth it, and I dont think going up to a 49 is worth the money also my stock front is a 13. Any input will be appreciated
  8. Natedog11

    2001 yz144 jetting

    Yeah the bog really isnt terrible its only at idle and when I totally harp on it I also want a black sprocket and I think im going to go with a 49 tooth from the 48 it might help the bottom end but lose a little top end but thanks for your help [emoji106]
  9. Natedog11

    2001 yz144 jetting

    I am about 800-1000 ft and right now its cold but when I usually ride its between 50-80 degrees and yeah I will check the reeds I have never checked reeds before but just yesterday I checked my packing and it was almost completely gone so I have some coming people say that will give it some power back too Also whats in it right now for jets is 460 main and E25 pilot
  10. Natedog11

    2001 yz144 jetting

    So you think I could try a 30 pilot or just mess with the air and idle screws?
  11. Hi I have a 2001 yz125(big bore) and I think its all still stock jetted and I know they say go leaner when bored out and it makes sense to me but then I also have a full pro circuit pipe and shorty which would require bigger jets correct? So im thinking my jets could be fine the bike runs great mid to top end and pretty well bottom but if i really harp on it and low idle it will bog. Should I try a slightly bigger pilot? Or mess with the air screw, im pretty sure my air screw is turned out a lot meaning I should up the pilot, any feedback would be great. Thanks