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  1. RideMyCRF250L

    LED and stock turn signals

    I broke one of the rear turn signals off while riding yesterday, so now I have an excuse to get LED turn signals in the rear. I'm going to purchase the DRC blinkers for the rear, along with a 12o'clockLabs fixed rate turn signal flasher. My question is, if I keep the stock halogen front blinkers will the new flasher effect anything? Is it possible to have LED rears and stock fronts and have them blink at the same rate?
  2. RideMyCRF250L

    CRF250L Tires

    Anybody else have good tires they like or suggestions? I'm about through with the stock ones on my bike and am looking for a new set. I ride about 60% on road and 40% gravel fire roads, nothing too extreme.
  3. RideMyCRF250L

    Aligning front forks

    How do you best align the front forks on a 2014 CRF250L? I loosened the pinch bolts on the triple clamps and tried to move the forks, but haven't been able to get everything aligned. I do have the Motion Pro Fork Alignment tool, but it didn't come with very good instructions. Ideas?