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  1. Thanks everyone, will go have a look at the models mentioned and see how she fits on them.
  2. Hello all: So, I am getting back into riding after a 20 year absence and have my eye on a DRZ 400..and would like to find something for my wife to ride with me. We live in a 800 person town in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan, and it would be easier if I could find her something that is Street legal vs just off road, but we can't a trail only bike is fine. Issue is that she is only 5 ft 3, and is over 250. We are both shedding pounds but it will be a while before either are at a more normal weight so I have to deal with the now vs the later. Was offered a 70's Yamaha GT80 but I can't see this doing very well? Old xr100 is also an option (has metal gas tank??) but this means no riding in town. She has ben on plenty of sleds but never a motorcycle so this will be a new experience and I want to make it a good one Any ideas?? Thanks! this looks to be a great forum..