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    Compadre road/trail

    Anybody gone south on it to Ojos Negros lately. Was interested in trying this route, are there any issues going down it such as access, locked gates. Read about some previous problems along this route. Also interested in the route from Ojos-laguna Hanson-Rumorosa when returning north from 10 day ride. thanks Cam
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    Compadre road/trail

    Excellent T ray
  3. Trailstomper

    Compadre road/trail

    2016 KTM 500 EXC Six Days, 5.3 gallon tank, 15/48 gearing, Mitas E-09 Dakar rear/Dunlop 606 front with Ultra heavy duty tubes. Using Mosko Reckless luggage and small backpack.
  4. Trailstomper

    Compadre road/trail

    The plan was to head down the highway to Valle T and make my way to Mikes then go out to Coyote from there. Will be using maps, no gps. Eventually the plan is to go out to the Pacific and head down to Catavina. At Cat I will go to the Coast and follow it down to Santa Rosalillita. Want to go down as far down as San juanico then go across to Mulege. On the way north will go from San Ignacio through El arco up to San francisquito and up to BOLA. Keep on plugging my way North up the Cortez to Felipe and go up Through Laguna Hanson on the way back to Tecate. All of the Northern routes we have been chatting about I have not done. Thanks Cam
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    Compadre road/trail

    This is very helpful TecateRay. Insread of turning right to go into Ojos at the "t" it looks like there is a short road that continues south and comes out on the Mex3 do you know this small section?. Another question I have been meaning to ask is about parking compounds on the Cali side. Thanks Cam
  6. Trailstomper

    Compadre road/trail

    Thanks everyone, great information shared here. What is the best way to access the start of the road. Looking at maps it seems like a person goes East from Tecate on Mex2 for about 15 mi then cross the toll highway and pick it up. Any signs to watch for?. I'm also assuming once you get on it that it is a fairly beaten road and a person sticks to the main road and heads South. Thanks Cam
  7. Just got a new 17 450fx and will most likely buy a rekluse clutch.I have used the Zstart pro before on an 09 kx450 and really liked its traits,worked great in metering out the power and not having to worry about operating the clutch or stalling the bike in tight woods.Only downfall was I could make it squell under exteme conditions.Anybody with experience with either on the Yami please chime in.Have not even rode the bike yet.I have ridden a 16 fx last year,this is my first Yamaha since I was a kid.Very stoked.
  8. Trailstomper

    YZ450FX Auto clutch 3.0 or Zstart pro

    Looking at the oil chart in manual also has me head scrathing,multiple viscosity choices.What type of oil do you run.
  9. Trailstomper

    David @ Mikes Sky Ranch

    Feb of 2015 I was on a 2 week trip of Baja.With trip coming close to an end I had an unexpected mechanical halfway between Coyote and Mikes.Separated from riding partner and being dark out I hiked 5 miles to Mikes got there around 3 in the morning.There was nobody staying there,only greeted by a barking dog.Being exhausted I went and slept horribly down by the creek worrying how I was gonna get out of this jackpot.About 7ish I walked up the courtyard to see if anyone was actually there,this is were I was startled by dave walking around the corner. I don't speak Spanish very well but I was still able to communicate my predicament,dave was reluctant to go out there with his f250 2wd.We removed a couple of tires off another Ford and put them on his truck.Daves wife packed us a Lunch and a Gallon of water and off we went. We had to throw about a 1000 pounds of rocks in the truck to make it up the first big hill about 2 miles out,another mile a flat tire,another mile searched by five military guys in a Humvee.Dave spoke to them and explained what was going on and they confirmed bike was still parked on the road.With bike loaded and one more search we reached Mikes.After diagnosing countershaft spline shaft was stripped I asked Dave if they had welder,Si!!!.I got Dave to weld the sprocket right to the shaft.Had a couple of beers,paid dave a generous amount and was on the way. Im very saddened to have learned of his passing,he is a man I will never forget as long as a live.One of the worst things that Happened on my trip turned out to be pretty awesome in the end.Some friends of mine Went on their first trip to Baja I told my Friend to give Dave a HundredUSD,Dave chuckled when they talked about the story. Will try to upload the video of him welding the sprocket on my 990 RIP amigo