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    Suzuki DRZ s - thoughts on ebay auction .

    I think bikes in the US are much more resonably priced to be honest. Another simliarly priced bike is here - over 10 years old and nearly 4k USD! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-DRZ-400-/222404291109?hash=item33c8542a25:g:UmwAAOSwfVpYnKX~ Ok well good to know the modifications arent significant in anyway other than the tank...
  2. I have been looking for a Suzuki DRZ S for a while. Im hoping to use it to do a 15 enduro race the Gibralter -> Athens one in 2018. My idea was to buy a stock DRZ S and spend some money and upgrade it to a spec suitible for the race. However I found one on ebay which seems to have a bit of money spent and well looked after. Not having owened or being proficient in the DRZ / Upgrades, I thought you guys might know on here.. Here it is.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUZUKI-DRZ-400S-SK7-ENDURO-TRAIL-ADVENTURE-BIKE-READY-TO-BE-AN-EXPLORER-/172523713309?hash=item282b36f31d:g:JjQAAOSw3v5YnK4W Its based in the UK where I reside obviouslly thats 4,353 USD.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. funkyorange

    trail riding suzuki drz 400 first purchase

    Yes good idea plan on getting some good protective gear. Ah great might consider getting a E then, we can get 'daylight mot' in the UK with no lights but I would need a kit to do the race of course. Great thanks everyone for all you help, I have a good idea how I can do this now, loving this forum!
  4. funkyorange

    trail riding suzuki drz 400 first purchase

    awesome novel SeniorThumpy! Yes exactly right I understand its not the bike for serious dirt and should hopefully be able to give the GS 800's a run for the money on the dirt sections. Worth spending some money, I intend going without purchasing a pit crew service so can use this money to invest in making upgrades - ill check out the forum, and also an excuse to get my hands dirty and learn how to do tasks myself. Not to bothered about riding on a track but thought it might be fun to do! With the wheels, would you recommend the same size wheels just different tyres? Also I guess SM aside as it sounds quite different with upside down forks etc..Does the E and S have many differences (sorry different topic)? Could I buy a say a E and add lights and indicators? They seem generally cheaper and have less mileage...
  5. funkyorange

    trail riding suzuki drz 400 first purchase

    Thanks Nathh, and as regards to swapping wheels does it matter much what bike? Are some bikes easier than others to swap or would you not not consider this a buying issue?
  6. funkyorange

    trail riding suzuki drz 400 first purchase

    Thanks Nathh. Good point about weight. 34kg is quite a lot. I dont think the trails are difficult or technical but they will be a lot of hours of riding each day. So I want to be able to gain experience with the bike. Most of the bikes will be much larger i.e GS 800's. But personally I'd rather go in a lower powered machine and try and gain more control and agility. I will have a look at the KTM 450 exc and WR's too. Regarding swapping supermoto and dirt tires generally is this feasible to do easily? Can I just swap them or is quite tricky to do?
  7. New member great place! im have lots of experience in road biking and have had various road bikes in the past and hired trail bikes whilst away. Im looking to buy a trail bike but I am slightly overwhelmed by the array of options! Bascially my plan is to do the gibralter athens race in 2018 http://www.gibraltarrace.com/en/ So I have ~17 months to train in this time I intend to purchase a rock solid trail bike learn maintence inside out, do some courses and enduro races here in the UK. But as off road (green lane) access is limited I would also like the option to have super moto wheels. I'd also like to try some track riding too! as well as do a little commuting on it on the road - too much to expect?! My idea is purchase a Suzuki DRZ 400 s have two sets of wheels for off road and on road (supermoto), it seems like a rock solid bike and easy to maintain. The other option is to get a lower powered 250 to master control and technique and use this to upgrade later to a larger bike 400, 600 ... I am a complete newbie I have no experience so any advice would be greatly appeciated...