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  1. mad rider

    CRF 230 kickstarter

    If worst comes to worst jump start it by pushing and putting it in gear.
  2. mad rider

    Helmet Cam rentals?

    what type of helmet? Whats the cost,where you live? Oh, sorry can I be next in line?
  3. mad rider

    Engine noise

    My bikes only about five months old. Dealer says its fine ,but..... what if?
  4. mad rider

    Engine noise

  5. mad rider

    #2 is back!!!!

    Wakerider, Sorry my writing abilities are bad but i failed lang. arts. Don't mean to jump down throats but that was a little personal. Mcgrath is one of my favorites to.
  6. mad rider

    #2 is back!!!!

    wakerider, you can't read or write because if bubba or ricky gets hurt who do you think will step back to the podium...Mcgrath. Yes he is back and yes I know he has been racing ,so watch closer!!!!!!! Bubba,Ricky,Reed,And Mcgrath are going to fight for the wins. Yeah, chad beat ricky...hahahahaha.
  7. mad rider

    Engine noise

    I have had my bike checked out numerious times,but even though they say there is nothing wrong it makes noise like the piston slapping or something. Does yours make noise?
  8. thats awsume, is that your farm?
  9. mad rider

    #2 is back!!!!

    Yeah, hes fast but will he bypass bubba and ricky??
  10. mad rider

    Ricky Carmichael replica jersey

    get a $40 fox strafer jersey and have the decals added like ricky, one here ,one there.On Ebay it costs 150 dollars because there all signed(i wish i had one).
  11. mad rider

    Wha's the best brand of DIRTBIKE???

    All bikes are good in there own way,but even though I own one honda's suspension and kickstand springs suck. Honda maid there bikes without kick start unless its 150 an down or race(that sucks!!!).
  12. mad rider

    #2 is back!!!!

    Do you all think that jeremy even stands a chance with all the time he took off on the so called (retirement) yeah right he stopped riding just like my name is ricky carmichael.
  13. your son or brother, nice wr
  14. dirtbikingpunk, Thats awsume!!!!!!!