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  1. I rode mi bike this past sunday on a local track in my city(xc/offroad). Being a new rider, im trying to build my confidence and gain experience. Does a FWW will help me? What weight should i go with?
  2. At the end i bought some chinese handguards. They don't look too bad, the finish is pretty cheap, but what can you expect for 36 dollars?
  3. Oh ok the complete set cost around $100
  4. I only found them for around $120 do have a link for the ones your talking about?
  5. So i found this Cycra Probend look a like handguards heres the link: Has anyone try those?? i understand they are cheap and low quality, etc etc. But, most of the products we use are made in china this days. i think what differs from the high quality products, is the quality control or the finish of the parts.
  6. Thanks for you comment, its nice to hear good things about the 125's and more from someone that used to race in one. this is my first bike, and for my weight (220lb w/gear) looks like moves pretty smooth and its quick. i'm not looking to ride 100 mph, i wanna take it more like a hobby. And in the future save for a 250 2S, maybe a blue one or even the yellow. But for the moment im fine with these one. i'll keep in mind the hour meter, to keep this bike running properly. Do you have any video riding the 125? Thanks again.
  7. Thanks @hawaii500_1999. I will look for the front sprocket first and then the rear. Looks that the cr125 aren't used much for enduro
  8. Oh! Ok no problem Thank's
  9. I really dont understand your point. both numbers match The bike will be registered in California.
  10. Thank you both i will try to register this bike
  11. I found some people building their bike to offroad/enduro and looks the keep running the 19 rear wheel
  12. Senorthumpy both numbers match talking to someone that works as a certificated DMV. he told me that both numbers must match. (engine and frame) Im new to this dirtbike world And actually dont know anything about the paperwork besides the matching vin numbers
  13. Thank's HappyAndy
  14. I bought a dirtbike a couple months ago, looking at it before take it to registered in CA, i found that the motor doesn't have the plate #. The VIN # from the frame does match de one in the title. Does this makes some trouble? The bike is originally from AZ
  15. I would keep in mind changing the handrguards, i found some Acerbis Endurance here's the link for them For the gearing, right now is running 12/46, i don't know if this is fine or i can go whit a bigger rear sprocket? i paid 1150 for this bike, being my first one, i would like to keep it the more protected i can. And understand that in a near future i will need a bigger one but for the price a paid for it maybe is good to invest in some protection. i put the DeVol skidplate but doesn't look like its going to help a lot, the side of the water pump i almost uncovered and for the 18 inch wheel i think it will be the last thing i will do attached is a picture of the DeVol skid plate on the side of the water pump.