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  1. Ban the NFL

    Picks for Rnd4 Glendale AZ

    First of all, I'm not sure what an "Astrix" is. I think you may be referring to an asterisk; also, there is no need to capitalize a noun unless at the start of a sentence. There is already an asterisk in the AMA record book. It is next to KR's 2016 SX tittle. If RD#1 had not been injured KR would have never been champion. It is indisputable that KR was the fastest rider during the 2016 SX. It is also indisputable that KR will always crack when pressured by RD#1. This was proven once again at A2. KR's problem is that he has "Ricky Bobby Syndrome" (RBS). When the gate drops the only thing going through KR's mind is "if you're not first, you're last"!
  2. Ban the NFL

    The Red Death

    Here is Jason Thomas's take on it. Basically says the same thing just worded a little better. For Kenny, he was in full attack mode and in that mindset, caution for soft spots becomes an afterthought. He was 100 percent concerned with getting around Cole Seely and going after Ryan Dungey, not concerned with that transition. That mode of thinking is why he was so far forward on takeoff and not in a neutral positioning like he would be if he was expecting trouble. That attack, forward position leaves a rider vulnerable if things go violently wrong. It's a catch-22 because that incredible pace demands full commitment (forward lean, irreverence to the soft take off) but it can also take a mistake and make it irreversible.
  3. Ban the NFL

    The Red Death

    "Everyone please stop saying it was because of the Honda and it's "buck" (is this something scientific?) or the shock was broken or aliens did it. It's a simple arithmetic: speed + weight + shock shaft speed + condition of dirt = a bad deal for the #94." Steve Matthes
  4. Ban the NFL

    The Red Death

    Unfortunately there is a very large group of fans and industry affiliates out there that truly believe that the Chassis and/or the HRC suspension was a contributing factor in the crash. Oh look there's one now!!
  5. Ban the NFL

    The Red Death

    So the Honda must be to blame. I'm no expert but watch the crash again and take a look at the photo I attached. This photo is from the crash take off. KR is a very forward rider. Look how far over the front he is on this take off. One of the problems is riding so far forward is the delay in shifting weight back. In situations such as kickers it allows the rear to come up before the rider can shift weight back to slow it down. In this crash, not only was KR riding in his normal forward fashion but he was late on his weight shift. Again, look at the picture, the rear is at full compression, the bike has transitioned completely onto the face of the jump and KR is still as far over the front has he can get. This riding technique can be very fast as jump height is lower, but it leaves the rider susceptible to the dreaded kicker. Wait... what am I saying?, it must be the crap HRC suspension. Ban the Honda!
  6. Ban the NFL

    JS7 to fill in on HRC for remainder of SX!

    A lot of people, maybe even you said the same thing about Josh Grant. Like JG33, Pourcel has a lot of talent and has showed flashes of great speed. Injuries and inconsistency have been his downfall. New team and new bike be could be the change he needs. Pourcel is by no means my favorite rider, but "downward spiral" he finished 7th overall for the 2016 outdoor and he missed 3 races.
  7. Ban the NFL

    JS7 to fill in on HRC for remainder of SX!

    I seriously doubt Honda is looking at Malcolm Stewart. I will not say which one, but I am affiliated with a 450 team. I spent the entire day at the track for the first three rounds. There must be some truth to a rumor when you hear the same one from so many sources. When Malcolm's 2017 Geico Honda 450 ride fell apart it had as much to do with Honda politics as it did lack of funding(as reported). Having won a championship on a Honda last year and racing the Geico Honda 450 overseas Malcolm was first in line and offered the fill in rider position at HRC. He did not accept. I suspect Honda will go the route of most team's and seek a solid, seasoned rider to fill in. There is a reason that guys like Jake Weimer get the call when a fill in is needed. I think Honda would bring Andrew Short or Nick Wey out of retierment before they would give Malcolm a shot. Dean Wilson would be the obvious choice; I just don't think it's going to happen. My prediction base on a conversation I had this morning; Christophe Pourcel will be released by Husqvarna after Phoenix. If that happens he could be on a red bike in Oakland!