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  1. new to this

    Sorry guys.. =[

    aw man... not gonna get tarded??
  2. new to this

    fork seal driver

    Don't bother with buying a seal driver. Use some pvc pipe. Heck, when i did mine, i even used the old seals and dust seals i think. just be careful to not knick the tubes.
  3. new to this

    Tusk T-10 Aluminum Handlebar's???

    While I don't have those bars, i can answer some of your other stuff. You can get whatever bend you want, however CR high seems to be a popular choice here, and it is what I have. Stock bars are 7/8", and so are these bars in question. But if these are the bars you want, they should work.
  4. new to this

    throttle cable

    i believe exploringwa removed his in his weight savings mission
  5. new to this

    Stock length of CRF230F Shock

    about 15"
  6. Not putting a 230 motor in a different frame, but there is this... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=393678&highlight=
  7. new to this

    Longer Sidestand

    though i haven't done this myself, but i am 90% sure it does. search it. i know it's been brought up before.
  8. new to this

    Travis Pastrana at Motoextremes????

    Didn't get to end up going ....anybody make it?
  9. new to this

    Travis Pastrana at Motoextremes????

    shoot, thats only half hour from me. maybe i should drop by....
  10. I wonder if it's the same dude that put NOS energy drink in his gas tank because his bike wasn't running very good
  11. new to this

    How do I prep my 230 for my first race??

    here ya go http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1940565#post1940565
  12. new to this

    Step Seat for 230F

    you could also make your own. i've seen several write ups on it on this site
  13. new to this

    flushing out my engine, dirty engine

    woah...haha i just reread the thread and didn't know what i was thinking....yea i'd definitely take it back to the shop
  14. new to this

    flushing out my engine, dirty engine

    try using some sea foam
  15. new to this

    FOX SHOCK!!!111!one11!! **PICS pg.3**

    dang you just ordered yesterday...did you get expidited service or are you like right next door to the place?