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  1. noahmaxwell11

    still unsure of what bike to get

    I own a 2007 ttr 230. I bought the bike with an after market fmf powercore exhaust and its pretty fast. The friends I ride with own a yz 125 and kx 450f. The 450 blows me away when we race but i keep up easily on the trails. The yz 125 is easier to keep up with but is still faster. I am 5' 8" and easily handle my bike. This was my first bike too and it was very easy to start out on. However, i am looking into buying a new bike because I want more power/speed and my bike is broken atm.
  2. noahmaxwell11

    Blown Up?

    I own a 2007 Yamaha TT-R 230 that has been through hell and back. Her crankcase has cracked twice in the same spot and the sprocket(bolts just sheared off while riding) has ripped parts of the rear hub off. There has always been a fix for these problems though. Here is my new problem: Recently I was riding it around for about an hour and suddenly it bogged out. I was in fourth gear when this happened and shifted all the way down to first while it bogged out. There was no power in any of the gears while this happend. The bike won't start but when electric start is pushed it turns over. My friend and I took apart the bike and the piston looks fine, fuel line is clear, new spark plug. Any idea what could be wrong. Im assuming there is no hope and that its blown up. Please let me know your opinions/comments. Thanks- Noah