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  1. come on bob not everything can be a groomed bunny slope trail. Yerington is the ish!!! Any waste land is a dirbikers paradise.
  2. I swear there was a topic on excuses to why you cant ride did you mean to post this there?
  3. california

    You sir are correct but thos pics are really old from when it was open you know
  4. Started as a “IF” now I’m here
  5. california

    No more north this is one of the biggest riding areas taken from us by the lovely Gov.
  6. I try to stay away from the IF riders and their hammered down trail. Shame that most of the good places from when I was a kid are closed or beat down. #LandPirateLife
  7. california

    Heaven is only a couple days away. Oh and that mousse bib and golden before the 12 round bout last night
  8. california

    Sunday Sunday Sunday...... Fresh tire on bike all dialed ready to rip. Just need to mount the rim since it took me an undisclosed ridiculous amount of time to get the F'n mousse in there. First timer problems bloody knuckles, more cussing than a sailor and a 6 pack and I got her done. Maybe I just didn't have enough beers in me the first hour or so. I was gonna call bolt but it was past his business hours. So a few Youtube videos of watching megbraaap the little 100lber Canadian chick put hers on I wouldn't be defeated. Getting that thing to seat in the rim slot was a PITA. One side in the other pops out.
  9. You ever see what a group of Hogs (wild boars) can do to a hillside in a night. My buddy has 30 acres we have worked over the past 2 years to get a 2 mile single track loop cut in and in one night the pigs did more damage then our bikes could do in the 2 years. That's nature destroying itself. If you can ride you should just be floating on top of that shit not digging trenches. There are plenty of trees to still hug in the forest.
  10. True we need some ranger bait.
  11. Dump the hotel you will save money on Fuel. Who said woods ranch what is that? That place is closed man.
  12. Can't wait for all this rain to come. Might suck for the mountains but gods country down south (nor cal south) is gonna be prime. Putting on some fresh rubber (thanks Bolt ) so I can go murder all this loamy muddy goodness. CC will be super prime this weekend, she's been thirsty. When the mountains get snow this is the only place to go.
  13. Frank Raines is better than la grange. Check it out on riders planet, times Ive been there you just kinda go where you want. You can make it as extreme as you want. You guys didn't pick the greatest spot up here to link any other riding options. Hollister would be funner for the group but you would have to drive back south an hour or 2.
  14. Frank Raines is your only other close option. Cancel the hotels and go somewhere else.... Carnegie will for sure shut down if we get as much rain as they're saying.
  15. california

    And she rides. Well did ride we shall see when she gets back on the bike. She said "the squid made her crash." LOL