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    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    No I didn’t it was making engine noise I was going like 50 at half throttle and all of a sudden it felt like I was at 1/4 throttle even when I twisted it more. Then the noises got louder and I pulled over and she quit. Wouldn’t start but would turn over. Didn’t sound to good turning it over. I was thinking it jumped timing or started to eat the lower end.
  2. Hit the greatest place on earth on Saturday and the law was out in full force. I didn't personally see them but another group parked by us had multiple encounters and evaded Rosco a few goes. They were using radios and guiding around another set of rangers in SXS. The guys said they were super aggressive and tried to grab him off his bike when he rode off. One in the group was ticketed 180$ well worth it in my eyes. Not sure the best option I have heard they will hit you with a felony evade if you do run and they catch up with you. Ill keep rolling the dice. The conditions were supreme Saturday some light showers but straight hero dirt everywhere. got in a good 60 miles and a decent tour of #rustyriver

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    16'. 90 miles in on a dual sport ride in the sierras. Lost power and started making weird noises. died wouldn't start so I towed her back the final 40 miles.
  4. 232 with the nitro mousse is blue magic then. been loving that setup with the fatty up front.

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Yeah my 500 gave up on me last fall. 110 hrs 2500 miles. I have buddies that don't change the oil and beat the shit out of them with like 400+ hours. I got the cursed Friday afternoon batch too I guess. Still haven't coughed up the dough to rebuild it. Glad I own a two stroke she keeps me
  6. If its not a fifth wheel put two bikes in the back and hitch hauler on the front of the truck. Or back of trailer seen it both ways.
  7. I like the assorted butt plugs on the door and the tie down shelf supports.

    Thinking NV this weekend

    come on bob not everything can be a groomed bunny slope trail. Yerington is the ish!!! Any waste land is a dirbikers paradise.

    Ypl Saturday

    I swear there was a topic on excuses to why you cant ride did you mean to post this there?

    Let it Rain Let it Rain

    You sir are correct but thos pics are really old from when it was open you know


    Started as a “IF” now I’m here

    Let it Rain Let it Rain

    No more north this is one of the biggest riding areas taken from us by the lovely Gov.


    I try to stay away from the IF riders and their hammered down trail. Shame that most of the good places from when I was a kid are closed or beat down. #LandPirateLife

    Let it Rain Let it Rain

    Heaven is only a couple days away. Oh and that mousse bib and golden before the 12 round bout last night

    Let it Rain Let it Rain

    Sunday Sunday Sunday...... Fresh tire on bike all dialed ready to rip. Just need to mount the rim since it took me an undisclosed ridiculous amount of time to get the F'n mousse in there. First timer problems bloody knuckles, more cussing than a sailor and a 6 pack and I got her done. Maybe I just didn't have enough beers in me the first hour or so. I was gonna call bolt but it was past his business hours. So a few Youtube videos of watching megbraaap the little 100lber Canadian chick put hers on I wouldn't be defeated. Getting that thing to seat in the rim slot was a PITA. One side in the other pops out.