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    2005 Crf250r Valve Problem?...... Wont start

    I can hear this weird bubbling sound when I kick it slowly will check in a bit ..... I just checked the clearance and I have .004 for both intakes and .005 for both exhaust. So what do I need to do to the intake valves get them cut and then what put in new ones or I don't know much when it comes to the valves
  2. Danbergie

    2005 Crf250r Valve Problem?...... Wont start

    I have the sub frame off right now I'll try putting it on and seeing what that does
  3. Danbergie

    2005 Crf250r Valve Problem?...... Wont start

    I just purchased feeler gauges and I am almost 100% sure the timing is right because I got the dot lined up with the arrow on the right side of the crank case and on the left I have it in between the 2 marks on the fly wheel ..... and on the cam gear the marks are even with my head .... just checking if the bike is in Top dead center the lobes on the cam gear should be facing towards the back of the bike?
  4. I have a 2005 crf250r and i bought it as a project because the guy had rebuilt the whole motor but forgot the dowel pins putting it back together on the top end. i got new gaskets and dowel pins and put it all back together and it wont run. I cleaned the carb, got new spark plug(has spark), compression is good, must be the valves? or any ideas how to find out. When i kick it the bike pops and shoots flames out of the header pipe some times.