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    2006 Yamaha raptor 700

    Ok I'm gonna go look at a 2006 raptor 700 on Saturday and it needs work he oil hasn't been change since he owed it who know how long before him because the oil plug is stuck but he says he only road it 15 hours for the 2 years he owned it I have no pics yet and it need new reverse cable and clutch handle what are your thought should I try and get it or not Ilhe said he would take $2300
  2. troyboywillow60

    2006 ltr450

    Looking at a 2006 ltr450 to trade for my dirtbike and he says it's all stock but doesn't look stock what do you guys think and theses are the only photos I have of it
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    Are you being sarcastic?
  4. troyboywillow60


    Brought it to shop to get it rejetted now
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    Shit I hope not
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    I got a 09 yz250f just bought a fmf powerbomb header with a powercore 4 exhaust and when I topped it out it only went 60mph and every gear acts like its 1st gear but with stock header it top out at 73mph do I have to rejet or redo gearing (I believing gearing is 14f 49r)
  7. troyboywillow60

    2009 yz250f exhausted

    Ok thanks and if I did a Jd jetting kit would that work and how would it do with the powerbomb?
  8. troyboywillow60

    2009 yz250f exhausted

    Looking at the fmf powercore 4 (can get it for $150) for my 09 yz250f with the stock header, Has anyone tried it? What do you think?