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  1. yo_eddie

    YZ250X more overrev

    But the gaps between 3rd, 4th and 5th would be even bigger then. For MX I prefer 13/49 and ride basically in 3rd, 4th and 5th all the time, except really tight turns (2nd). I basically never use 1st. My bike has lots of overrev, though - and it pulls really strong. My GasGas 300 i had before had more grunt, but not more peak Power. And no way near that overrev.
  2. yo_eddie

    Are people buying 250X's and turning them into YZ's?

    Makes more sense for me, too.
  3. yo_eddie

    Are people buying 250X's and turning them into YZ's?

    20.8 is quite a step from 23.8. Does ist still rev out as before?
  4. yo_eddie

    My new 2018

    How are you satisfied with the mods? How does the bike compare to your 450?
  5. yo_eddie

    Am I missing anything?

    Really nice looking bike - but you perhaps should think about the priorities. Don't care for covers or even new reed valves, if they still work. I would have forks and shock serviced by a well known tuner. While the suspension is getting done, check / grease / renew steering bearings, same goes for swingarm, linkage and wheel bearings. Change brake fluids, bleed them. Put on new cables for clutch and (most important) throttle. Maybe get a new throttle grip, if the old one doesn't run smooth. Edit: Maybe put in a new piston, too. Check cylinder and squish band. I just wonder: You say everything is new on your bike but the forks leak? Strange... Did you buy the bike as it is? It is all about the small things.
  6. yo_eddie

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    Exactly. Bent the sides up, too. Indeed it took me some hours and several iterations, but was fun, too. I do not have a complete "making of", but here are some pictures of the progress. For welding there are adapters for heatguns available. They allow simultaneously heating the PE at the welding spot and feeding the welding stick. Several iterations of cutting and bending the sheet... Here you can see the welding sticks. After welding, I cut off excessive material. Until now, everything holds up well. Needs some shaping... Pressure and heat help. I I knew I would be riding almost exclusively tracks today, I would have built it not that complicated though...
  7. yo_eddie

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    Bought it via eBay. The mounts are two Z shaped pieces of 4mm x 20mm aluminium, covered with pieces from a bike tube. The Zs are fastened with countersunk screws to the plate and the ends grab over the frame strut underneath the motor. In the front I just put a piece 6mm x 20mm with two M8 threads behind the frame and screwed it on.
  8. yo_eddie

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    The Moose Racing Skidplate seems to be out of stock everywere... https://www.starcycle.com/skid-plates-armor-c-929_7753_14274/0511-yamaha-yz125-moose-racing-pro-skid-plate-p-2919.html
  9. yo_eddie

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    Just had a look, I made mine from 8mm PE. PE is much more durable and tougher than those injection molded plastic skidplates. Actually you don't have to weld, just cut out the shape and bend it into shape. You can also cut out a tail to the plate, so that the linkage is covered, too.
  10. yo_eddie

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    First made a template from cardboard, then cut the shape out of the PE sheet. Using a heatgun I bent and squeezed the PE into shape, then welded the gaps, again using the heatgun.
  11. yo_eddie

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    I built a skidplate last year from 8mm PE. (For a 250, though)
  12. yo_eddie

    My new 2018

    That's a revolutionary lightweight build right now 😜
  13. yo_eddie

    YZ250x suspension help!

    Well, after 40hrs the forks will need new bushings, oil and seals for sure.
  14. yo_eddie

    My new 2018

    Wow ... That will look sick for sure. Will you keep it blue or change the plastics to black / white like your 450? Awesome looking bike, btw 👌🏼 And very interesting to read your impressions 450 / 250, thank you!
  15. yo_eddie

    Rear Shock upper bearing - grease or not?

    Twostrokish, mate 😉