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  1. yo_eddie

    First ride on 250x after powervalve mod

    Did the mod to my WR250LC, which is a Euro street legal YZ250X actually. I found the bike a bit tricky to ride, as it was mellow up to a certain rpm and then ripped my arms off. Coming out of a turn in 3rd it would pick up, but certainly there was some lack of thrust. Shifting from 3rd to 4th required to rev it in 3rd, making it definitely hard to control. I think the power delivery was designed that way to make it easier to find traction on slippery ground, but it is very irritating to have a smooth and soft engine up to a certain rpm, and afterwards it bites seriously in your ar*e. On Friday I did the mod as you guys thankfully have described, and my expectations were up the roof. I wondered if the hit would even be too violent. But I was completely wrong. Though the effect was not spectacular (or I am not sensible enough) I immediately found it easier to ride, as the powerband felt not weird anymore and the actually broader usable powerband made shifting from 3rd to 4th way easier. The engine feels stronger, easier to ride and you don't have to deal with this nasty CRF150 to YZ250 transition anymore. Thank you, TT forum!
  2. yo_eddie

    Noise from clutch

    This is a good one Thank you I just wondered, because I have never heard that sound before. On the other hand, maybe I just did not let it idle in neutral after riding track.
  3. yo_eddie

    Noise from clutch

    Is it? Maybe I am too finicky about noise... Thank you!
  4. yo_eddie

    Noise from clutch

    Thank you for your reply. Clutch is adjusted properly, it has about 0,5" free play at the end of the lever. The noise occurs only when the bike has been ridden. Thank you, I put in 750ccm every time.
  5. yo_eddie

    Noise from clutch

    My '16 YZ250X (56hrs) makes a slight noise when running in neutral, depending whether the clutch ist engaged (noise on) or pulled (noise off). Any ideas?
  6. yo_eddie

    YZ250 build and X comparison

    The "problem" with the X gearing is - 2nd and 3rd are very close - huge jumps to 4th and 5th To get along with this on the track, I ride 13/49and use 3rd, 4th and 5th almost exclusively.
  7. yo_eddie

    YZ250 build and X comparison

    Holy sh*t. How many hours did you run it? Edit: Sorry, did not read your initial post properly... You did not run it at all,I guess.
  8. yo_eddie

    I'm stumped

    Measure the coils while squeezing them with your fingers. If the resistance varies according to the pressure you apply, the insulation of the coil wire is shot somewhere. Had this issue with an old XT. It ran in idle, but when I opened the throttle it died.
  9. yo_eddie

    Motocross boots for chicken legs?

    Have chicken legs, too. I bought pair of Crossfire 2, but the stitching on the instep fell apart after ~10hrs. Boots are too soft, poor ankle support. The customer support is even worse: They told me it's just normal that boots get damaged due to sand and rocks. They said, if I don't want the boots to be damaged, I should "place them behind the toilet". Well, I think the boots as well as the customer support are for the toilet, indeed. Have a pair of SG12s now, like them much better. Much more support and higher quality, the Sidis felt like rubber boots in comparison. A-Stars Tech 10 felt too stiff for me, Tech 7 too soft. Fox was way too roomy and wide for me. Go Gaerne
  10. Should have written this earlier, but better late than never: Last year I bought a set of Mobius knee braces here in Germany. Fit was OK, but I thought it might get even better with thinner padding in the upper part of the brace. So I emailed Mobius and they came back to me within a few hours, asking for my address. Guess what? A few days later there was a huge Envelope from Mobius in my postbox, sent via express mail - at no charge! I think this is really outstanding customer service - for a great product, by the way.
  11. yo_eddie

    Any new upgrades?

    The bar height would be way too much for me, even at 6'1. Bike looks great, though
  12. yo_eddie

    YZ250X governor spring

    One question about this: These washers have really precise smoothed and hard surfaces. I wonder if the surface of the collar is suited to run the axial bearing on it - did anybody notice signs of wear on the collar?
  13. yo_eddie

    2016 yz250x jetting thread

    Same here with my '16 X.
  14. yo_eddie

    best exhaust system to run for my 17x??

    I can only compare stock to DEP. I feel the DEP makes the powerband more linear and less "two stage". It comes on the pipe earlier, makes more power and revs higher. There is a pretty wide usable rpm band, so that I have to shift less. The power delivery in 3rd is pretty brutal, though (I run 13/49).
  15. yo_eddie

    YZ250X compression results with RK Tek head

    Nevada Al measured 170 with the original head and 210 with the RK head.