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  1. Measure the coils while squeezing them with your fingers. If the resistance varies according to the pressure you apply, the insulation of the coil wire is shot somewhere. Had this issue with an old XT. It ran in idle, but when I opened the throttle it died.
  2. Have chicken legs, too. I bought pair of Crossfire 2, but the stitching on the instep fell apart after ~10hrs. Boots are too soft, poor ankle support. The customer support is even worse: They told me it's just normal that boots get damaged due to sand and rocks. They said, if I don't want the boots to be damaged, I should "place them behind the toilet". Well, I think the boots as well as the customer support are for the toilet, indeed. Have a pair of SG12s now, like them much better. Much more support and higher quality, the Sidis felt like rubber boots in comparison. A-Stars Tech 10 felt too stiff for me, Tech 7 too soft. Fox was way too roomy and wide for me. Go Gaerne
  3. Should have written this earlier, but better late than never: Last year I bought a set of Mobius knee braces here in Germany. Fit was OK, but I thought it might get even better with thinner padding in the upper part of the brace. So I emailed Mobius and they came back to me within a few hours, asking for my address. Guess what? A few days later there was a huge Envelope from Mobius in my postbox, sent via express mail - at no charge! I think this is really outstanding customer service - for a great product, by the way.
  4. The bar height would be way too much for me, even at 6'1. Bike looks great, though
  5. One question about this: These washers have really precise smoothed and hard surfaces. I wonder if the surface of the collar is suited to run the axial bearing on it - did anybody notice signs of wear on the collar?
  6. Same here with my '16 X.
  7. I can only compare stock to DEP. I feel the DEP makes the powerband more linear and less "two stage". It comes on the pipe earlier, makes more power and revs higher. There is a pretty wide usable rpm band, so that I have to shift less. The power delivery in 3rd is pretty brutal, though (I run 13/49).
  8. Nevada Al measured 170 with the original head and 210 with the RK head.
  9. Thank you for the effort taken 25% more compression should produce a good boost indeed. Do you feel a loss of overrev capability?
  10. I still run 13/49. Bike rips my arms off in 3rd, 4th pulls pretty long. Running a DEP pipe now the powerband seems to be even broader than stock, not as much "two stage" anymore, and it seems to rev further.
  11. What you do by turning the screws is to open / close a valve. Valves in hydraulic systems have strongly non linear characteristics, that's why the adjustment on the one or other side of the range has less effect than in the middle section. A suspension tuner also told me, that the fork will work best from 8 to 14 clicks open. Well, maybe he wants more people to have their suspension revalved
  12. Sounds great - how much volume does the chamber have? Did the head raise the compression significantly?
  13. Is it really that much difference? Did you raise compression, too? Or just corrected the squish?
  14. Chris, thank you for this informative thread. Did you leave your footpegs as low as you set them? How are your experiences with this setup?
  15. That's right, but with 14/50 the gap from 3rd to 4th is huge. I switched back to 13/49 after trying 14/50.