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    DRZ400 Subframe Material Specs

    Thanks for all the responses and information. He finished the welding job and it looks ok. He did build a new cross piece out of thicker material, so hopefully it will hold up better. There does not appear to be an anodized layer on the aluminum, but it could have been a clear coat. The job cost me over $200 which was way more than I wanted to spend. I could have bought a used subframe for $250, but I figured I would have the same weak points. I do quite of bit of riding with a big dry bag on the rear rack. I hope it is stronger now. Interesting learning process into the inadequacies of Suzuki America and the complexities of welding. Thanks again to everyone for their thoughts. My final answer/guess is that it is 6061 AL.
  2. KBDubs

    DRZ400 Subframe Material Specs

    No clear coat, but great thought. I think the welder is overthinking it. I am 99.9% sure it is a common aluminum alloy. I convinced him to weld it. Thanks for responses.
  3. KBDubs

    DRZ400 Subframe Material Specs

    Thanks for the reply. I needed make sure I wasn't going crazy. I am going to have to gently tell him he is wrong and if he doesn't like it, then I will find another welder. Amazing how hard it is to get the specs on the material. Suzuki America had no idea how to get the info.
  4. I took my subframe to a welder to fix the cross piece that holds the stock tool kit or aftermarket rack. I told him the subframe was aluminum, but I did not know the series (6061,6063, etc). He called me and said he thinks it is magnesium because when he added a tack weld, it turned green. I know the material is not magnesium, but I need to find some solid information in order to appease the welder. I have called Suzuki America and two shops and no one has any idea how to find the series of aluminum. Anyone know or have an idea of getting this elusive information?