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  1. DRZbraap

    Installing Hotcams Stage 2 Intake Only.

    Alright, thanks guys I'll go ahead and get that ordered too
  2. Its just a thought but if your DRZ just got stolen then why would you just put a kill switch so anyone can start it? But to answer your question, yes you can install just a simple kill switch. All the key does is connect the circuit so it can start, make sure you buy a switch that has both a on and off position and not just a button style. You can look at this thread if you want pretty simple schematic of the wiring.
  3. I've still not got my budget DRZ build finished yet so I've decided since I've saved up a little more money to go ahead and look into a cam. Unfortunately, as of now I can only afford a single cam and I'm dying to get it back on the street. So I have three questions regarding this; Will it be okay to install the Hot Cams stage 2 intake and still use the stock exhaust? My understanding is that the intake cam gives more mid and bottom end, and the exhaust gives more top end. Is that correct? If and when I decide to install the exhaust cam will I need to rejet? Any input is appreciated, Thanks.
  4. DRZbraap

    Millionth jetting thread

    Might want to take a look at the jetting spreadsheet too. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HNSB3DrqJqHTInjVDKKS4HNSHZPbdK0ElbfNI5HxuZg/htmlview?hl=en#
  5. DRZbraap

    64.66 HP DRZ400

    I'm also curious about the other dyno numbers, if a DRZ with a FCR and Yosh only made 32hp then you would think the dyno is reading lower than most.... then again I don't see how that little motor could make more that 65hp. But what do I know...
  6. DRZbraap

    sm wheel question

    If you're not doing anything too crazy off-road a lot of guys seem to be perfectly happy running 17's with knobbies. With the bigger front tire I believe it will make your speedo read low also.
  7. DRZbraap

    CVK40 Choke Plunger

    Does anyone know of a definite list of choke plungers that work on the cvk40? The kx250 choke seems to be the most popular, but is anything else compatible? Thanks.
  8. DRZbraap

    Generic Manual Cam Chain Tensioner

    7,300 miles on it. The engines never been apart as far as I can tell, the bolts don't look like they've ever had a wrench on them.
  9. DRZbraap

    Generic Manual Cam Chain Tensioner

    My bike is a 2006, but I want to avoid any premature cam chain wear. I'm probably just going to go with the $25 deal, and just make sure its got a one piece pusher screw. I'll just keep a close eye on it once its installed. Thanks for the input.
  10. DRZbraap

    Generic Manual Cam Chain Tensioner

    I'm having to do my upgrades as cheap as possible. I will buy a name brand if I need to but I want to know what other people think of the cheaper ones, and being something as simple as a hunk of CNC machined aluminum I cant see what would really go wrong.
  11. I'm going to be taking my DRZ apart soon to install a CVK40 and a E header, but while I had it apart I want to go ahead and install the MCCT. I cant justify spending $50 on something as simple as the Cam Chain Tensioner so has anybody had any issues with the generic eBay tensioners? One like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-Manual-Cam-Timing-Chain-Tensioner-For-SUZUKI-DRZ-400E-S-SM-00-09-Blue-/122337475250?hash=item1c7be1bab2:g:KgAAAOSwWfFXj5Er&vxp=mtr Thanks.
  12. DRZbraap

    Parts for sale

    I have the side panels, I just need fenders, radiator shrouds and the headlight shroud. I'd like some pictures if you dont care.
  13. DRZbraap

    Parts for sale

    Do the plastics come with the headlight shroud and fork guards? Or is it just the usual fenders,side panels, and rad shrouds?
  14. DRZbraap

    New Look for My DRZ

    That's kinda what I was thinking on the shroud, this will be my first time working with vinyl so I don't want to try anything too advance. That area wont receive much wear so I'm thinking about the plastidip on that. I can always try vinyl if the plastidip doesn't work.
  15. DRZbraap

    New Look for My DRZ

    I've looked into it, how well does it hold up? My drz will get mostly street use with some occasional exploration (maybe 20% offroad) I'm still wanting to give vinyl a try, I can get more than enough for the tank for about $10 and if it doesn't look good i'll just peel it off. Im kinda set on vinyl since I want a matte black finish and I couldn't get that with a oem tank (And I kinda want to see how well it works for some other projects)