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  1. Thanks for the help guys
  2. I missed the pictures posted earlier in this thread showing that bushing Lol oops
  3. From a friend with a 01 motor apart. Its confirmed now fellas
  4. When its in the shaft it doesn't fall out on its own
  5. Its not tight, perhaps a little loose
  6. It slides in the shaft and stops in tjere. I'm gonna run it in there
  7. you think it goes over the clutch rod?
  8. Oh boy Lol what to do with it when I re assemble
  9. I thought that would be strange there but this is my first CR build. Weird, maybe it's jot for this motor at all
  10. I havent taken the power valve apart in the cylinder yet for the other one to be out
  11. Here it is next to the one on the power Valve shaft piece
  12. It fits over the push rod perfectly and inside the transmission shaft perfectly. I'm dying to know if anyone can be certain about this
  13. I think this is where it goes and it was there when the main shaft was removed, it also fits perfectly on the rod. Problem is its not on the part finder and I need confirmation.Its not #12 that goes on the power valve piece, that ones in place
  14. This is the piece in question
  15. Not the actuator arm, that's outside the case this was inside behind the bearing