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  1. Thats awesome. Enjoy the new bike!!
  2. To bad your to far from me. Is that a harbor freight trailer?
  3. So where about is this waste lands? Or is it secret and you have to show me
  4. Ive always wanted to do enduro. Im always up for a challenge.
  5. Whats up everyone, I am brand new to thumpertalk and looking for a couple of riding buddies in the Inland Empire. I Mainly ride trails which are close to my home (Bee Canyon truck trail and single track hidden in the surrounding hills) and desert(mainly ocotillo wells). I have every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off but mostly ride on Sundays only. All of my old riding buddies either moved, sold their bikes or got into the UTV scene. Hoping i can meet some new people that can show me around or vice versa. Thanks in advance!!
  6. I have found best that magic erasers work wonders. Come in a pack of 2 most of the time and less then 10 bucks. Hasnt let me down yet
  7. Before you start messing with the jetting and everything else, check the air screw. If they cleaned the carb they nost likely removed it and didnt put it back to the correct position.