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  1. The speed displayed on the speedo fluctuates when riding. So for example it reads 35 then 38 then 32 whilst still traveling at the same speed. It also seems to top out about an indicates 45. I have replaced the speedo cable. This has not fixed it. Any ideas?
  2. Plankatron

    DRZ400 engine noise is driving me nuts

    Sounds fine to me. I hear the cam chain but it sounds fine. Maybe try a manual cam chain adjuster if it bugs you
  3. Ride a push bike at 30 mph and imagine jumping off. It's gonna hurt
  4. Plankatron

    Odometer and trip record different distances

    Thanks, I'll try and dig up an owners manual
  5. The odometer records the correct mileage covered as verified by gps. Both trip A and trip B under record the mileage. I had thought one might be reading in km and one in mph but if this was the case then the trips should record a higher distance Any thoughts?
  6. Plankatron

    Drz400 1st gear clunk

    As per the title. Selecting first gear comes with a mighty clunk. The clutch cable is activating the release arm correctly. Even if I physically push the release arm further in than when it is operated by the clutch lever, the clunk is still pretty hefty. I fairly certain it more prominent now than before. Any magic solutions ?
  7. Plankatron

    Different engine?

    Has anyone installed a different engine into their Drz? If so what
  8. Plankatron

    Next set of tires drz400sm

  9. Mine does the same. All trips are good but the clock has never been right.
  10. Loctite fixes are about to be done. Which red Loctite do I need? Is up to 150 degrees enough or will that just melt? Thanks
  11. As the title suggests. I'm investigating a knock/rattle on my Drz. I've stripped the engine down and have found slight pay between the gudgeon pin and top of Conrod. The Conrod appears to have a bronze coloured insert/sleeve into which the gudgeon pin slides. This looks a bit worn. Can you replace the insert in the Conrod? I see my only other option is to replace the Conrod which means splitting the case. Don't really want to do that.
  12. Plankatron

    Big end. How much play?

    I'm trying to get to the bottom of a rattle in the engine. I know there noisy and I've changed the cam chain and tensioner already. I have the head off. There is movement on the piston end of the Conrod which looks designed in. There is also lateral movement on the bottom bearing. I.e when holding the Conrod you can wiggle it slightly left and right. Should there be any play from this bottom bearing?
  13. Plankatron

    Drz400 new purchase hesitates/surges

    Put a different carb on. Runs great
  14. Plankatron

    Drz400 new purchase hesitates/surges

    Thanks Next steps are Coil/plug lead Swop carbs over with the one on my good bike Swop stator over with good one Buy a fuel injected Honda ....and see what come from that
  15. I bought a 2002 drz400s and was assured it ran fine. Got it home and it doesn't. On a steady quarter throttle it hesitates, lurches, surges. On full throttle there is a delay and then full power comes on. On tickover it won't hold a steady idle. I have fitted a new repair kit to the carb and it is the same. Jets are clean. Adjustment of fuel screw makes no difference. Fresh petrol makes no difference. I am moving onto electrics. I have replaced the spark plug. No difference. I am going to replace the coil and plug lead next. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? I do have another Drz that runs great so at least I can swop bits over without having to buy them new.