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  1. GRiding

    Loud e-start on Wr250f

    Ouch! No mine was not doing anything. I'm no expert myself but lifted the seat and checked the fuses. I also made sure all the wires where connected properly and somehow I've managed to sort mine out. Im lucky it was a quick and easy fix.
  2. GRiding

    Loud e-start on Wr250f

    Did yours make any funny noises?
  3. GRiding

    Loud e-start on Wr250f

    Hi guys I just bought a second hand 2010 WR250F. (My first bike) My problem is that when I put in a new battery that is fully charged and tried starting it with the e-start button nothing happened. The speedometer does come on and the bike does kick start. The guy I bought it from said it does work so.. What are the things I should look out for? Your help will be much appreciated.